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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A New Day

The GOP IllusionWell, my earlier prediction concerning the Philistine Bush came to pass as this country was handed not one, but two gifts on Wednesday. Need I tell you that not only has the GOP lost both houses, but Donald Rumsfeld is History.

Rummy's Opinion of the American CitizenIt is only a matter of time before Rove and that disgusting Chicken Hawk Newt Gingrich are slam dunked. My animosity towards this group of individuals is not based upon their profession as Republicans, but is predicated upon their skewed belief system, utter arrogance, and total hypocrisy.

Bush Addresses the American PeopleI will have to relent somewhat and admit that Bush's address actually came off as somewhat statesmanlike - a first in his agonizingly long career. The arrogant swagger was diminished and although a time or two he tried the good old boy humor thing I find so revolting, for a guy who seems to believe he was an elected leader of Providence, that is at least movement in the proper direction.


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