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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Georgia-The Reddest State in the Nation

Well folks, unofficial results are in, and much to my dismay it appears Sonny Perdue is Georgia's Governor for 4 more years. Bucking a national trend of dissatisfaction with counterfeit GOP "values", GA voters retained more GOP candidates than any other.

Indicating just how weak Mark Taylor performed as a candidate, Hayes won a surprising 5.31% of the vote. Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised, as he impressed me as being the most professional, passionate, well spoken, yet horrifically inexperienced of the three. Even I found it hard to be really enthused over the prospect of a Taylor victory, and I consider Perdue to be a shady, opportunistic Republican plutocrat. While his land dealings and crony appointments might not be patently illegal, just because a thing can be done doesn't mean it should be done. Perdue should be working for the interests of GA citizens, not worrying about profiting from shady land deals and crony appointments to oversee state land development. But the nature of rural Georgia won it for Perdue and many other GOP candidates who would have elsewhere been booted out on their collective asses.

In a cruel blow to all Georgia residents, Big Insurance's poster boy John Oxendine retains his post as State Insurance Commissioner.

Tommy Irvin, the farmers' favorite, retained his long held seat as Commissioner of Agriculture.

Democrat David Scott handily took the 13th.

In a big money battle to gain more conservative influence in the Georgia Supreme Court, outsider funded Mike Wiggins, a former Bush administration lawyer, had his ass handed to him by Justice Carol Hunstein - a very good thing.

In a blow to what little judicial integrity exists in cobb county, the "unofficial" GOP candidate and ill-tempered King of ex parte evidentiary consideration and coverups, James Bodiford won 82.4% of the vote against perceived Atlanta outsider Normarene Culver Merritt.

As well, cronyism is alive and well in cobb with Robert Flournoy running unopposed. I wonder if he takes along his mock court actor buddy while stumping? It's gotta pay better than donning a purple Barney suit and standing on the side of Clay street.

The ballot initiative to limit eminent domain passed by an overwhelming margin, with about 85% of voters supporting the measure. This is a real boon for the citizens of this state. Unfortunately, it will not benefit those who in the past have lost their life's work at the hands of an avaricious government with misguided plans of grandeur, nor the people who were destroyed financially by the trickle down effect of their avarice. The "little redneck city of Smyrna" and it's 20 year annexing war with Marietta, coupled with overt theft of private properties along Atlanta Road which were used for the Bacon Mausoleum with the remaining portions doled out to private developers, promptly comes to mind.


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