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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Budget Woes

Seems as though the state of Georgia is having difficulty balancing its budget. It seems as well that many of its residents are experiencing the same difficulty.

Here's a thought...

Aside from the generally embarrassing GA school systems and HOPE funded by lotteries primarily fed by the lowest rung of the economic ladder, we continue to publicly subsidize carpetbagger developers who invade existing neighborhoods, road systems, and other infrastructures - and then expect taxpayers to fund the infrastructure repairs and upgrades required due to their development - under the guise that increased government revenue will result. Perhaps explains why developers and their lobbyists contribute so freely to favored candidates.

Or bribing corporate entities to relocate, offering millions in sweetheart deals which are then used by said businesses to play competing states against one another - again at taxpayer expense. Industry generally makes the determination of whether to locate to a particular location based availability of other resources - such as skilled workers, environment, proximity to transportation methods, and other desirable entities - not on how much the local citizenry is willing to pony up. The NASCAR museum brouhaha comes to mind. The majority of employment in Georgia is provided by small business, not megalo-corporations, a figure which exceeds 80%.

Corporations, like Ideas, should stand on their own merits and not need propping up with tax dollars which should be used to serve the public interest - not special interests.


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