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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Cost of Iraq (In Dollars)

The war in Iraq has cost Georgia Taxpayers thus far a total of: $9,187,900,000. That's over 9 Billion, with a big freaking "B".

Cost to various cities and counties:

Atlanta: $383,000,000
Brunswick: $9,200,000
Clarkston: $7,200,000
Clayton: $267,100,000
Cobb: $937,000,000
Decatur: $22,700,000
DeKalb: $865,000,000
Fulton: $1,021,300,000
Gwinnet County: $942,200,000
Hinesville: $28,100,000
Lawerenceville: $25,600,000
Marietta: $63,200,000
Pooler: $7,800,000
Richmond Hill: $8,700,000
Savannah: $101,000,000
Thunderbolt: $2,200,000
Tybee Island: $4,500,000

Local Costs of the Iraq War
The taxpayer cost of the Iraq War is broken down for various towns, cities and counties across the U.S. The breakdown is based on a total cost of $318.5 billion. That is $2,844 for every American household or $1,075 for every American. The money (already spent or allocated) is being spent at a rate $10 million per hour and $244 million per day.

The estimate is based on an NPP analysis of the legislation appropriating money for the Iraq War and a report published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in June 2006. The CRS report was based not just on Congressional appropriations, but on the Department of Defense's (DOD) DFAS monthly obligations reports indicating funds transferred from other functions to the Iraq War.

The state-level costs in the table are computed based on how much each state contributes in tax revenues, according to IRS data. The local-level costs are based on the state costs, and on relative population and income levels in each location. These numbers were updated for the latest IRS data in May 2005. The population and household amounts are based on Census Bureau estimates: population for July 1, 2005; households for 2004. The taxpayer amount is based on IRS projected taxfilers for the 2005 tax year.


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