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Saturday, July 22, 2006

E-Voting Machines - Again

With a new round of critical elections upon us, the accuracy of electronic voting machines should again be carefully scrutinized. The crumbling neo-con machine has its vested partners grappling for damage control. Be very afraid of these people - they will not stand idly by and watch their fortunes abate. The recent shut-down of Ralph Reed in Georgia has many players on the far-right shaking in their boots.

The links listed below are not entirely new, but many have not read this information and have been convinced by tainted representatives and industry shills of the new voting machine's infallibility. While the newer machines are purportedly improved in behavior, this is an issue which should be scrutinized with extreme diligence lest we sacrifice our ability to reign in these insulated plutocrats.

Protecting Elections in An Electronic World
- Brennan Center

Georgia Election Malfunction -

Did E-Vote Firm Patch Election? - Wired News

Time to Recall E-Vote Machines? - Wired News


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