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Thursday, July 06, 2006

National Party Politics

For 26 years, I have endeavored to read not one, but a variety of newspapers. Likewise, the recent phenomenon of Blogs has unleashed a myriad of additional voices. Surely, somewhere in this mess lies a modicum of truth.

One definite trend I have noticed, however, is an increasing number of "Blog Sites" which are merely sockpuppets for a particular partisan view; as many of these sites are operated by campaign workers and their families. The current vitriol being slung towards Joe Lieberman from both Right and Left being one example. While I'll not defend his poorly thought out stand on the Iraq Invasion, his thrust into the national spotlight as a party traitor - and the resultant effect on campaign funding - is an interesting event. All of this brings to mind how out of step with reality strict partisan politics are.

It seems logical to conclude that the point of electing local representatives to voice concerns near and dear to the denizens of numerous districts precludes nationally partisan stances which cannot adequately address local needs. Otherwise, we may as well choose from two candidates and cut out a lot of overpaid middlemen. And yet, we have national party committees that enforce ridged stances on issues at a nation level. Don't tow the party line? Lose financial support. Yet another outstanding argument for election/campaign monetary reform.
When the overriding goal of a career politico is to remain incumbent - forever, and funding for this goal is dependent on answering not to local, but national voices, in my opinion we have subverted the intent of the planned and installed hierarchy.


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