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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

While the current debate over Iraq appears to have again polarized into purely partisan grand-standing, bedrock solutions and progress are not materializing. It brings to mind three engineers arguing how to best dig a hole, and before the insular pseudo-intellectuals can reach a consensus, the guy who needed the cistern and his friend with the shovel complete the job. Unfortunately, in Iraq, someone stole the shovels, and the citizenry is either fleeing or was never invited to the party.

For all the oft touted and alleged "planning", the Development Fund for Iraq has been looted to the tune of 8.8 billion dollars, and the Iraqis are now saddled with an obliterated infrastructure and no-bid contractor repairs and substitutions which are poorly suited for use. The rebuilding effort in Iraq has resulted in an expansive pork-barrel, devoid of accountability and teaming with cronyism and fraud - akin to turning the national treasury over to a gambling, crack head nephew who enjoys torturing small animals. Do you think that these people are so stupid as to not see what is happening in their own backyards? That they have not traditionally trusted our intentions reflects poorly, but our recent behavior has spoken volumes in support of their fears.

While I cannot deny that segments of the world remain simmering pots of poverty, strife and animosity, our behavior over the last 4 years has done little to turn down the flame of outrage. Public displays of zealous intolerance, a lack of respect and understanding between differing religious and political bents, and a generally offensive, arrogant cockiness that has now been shown to be voluminous bluster.

I was not a proponent of the invasion of Iraq as there was no justifiable evidence to support this action. Fabricated evidence and constant fear mongering stirred an angry populace into allowing people with tainted interests to control US foreign policy. But now that we've blown up half the infrastructure of the country, thereby causing a major exodus of middle class Iraqis, we cannot now in good faith leave this mess unattended to in an honorable fashion.

An interesting British overview of the Endless War in Iraq


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