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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Poor Old Big Insurance Needs More of Your Money

Despite promises that rising medical malpractice insurance rates would be suppressed under new state laws, many of Georgia's insurers have hiked their premiums since the sweeping reforms took effect last year, according to an Associated Press analysis of state insurance records.

Six of the state's top insurers of doctors and dentists have increased their liability rates - in some cases, by more than a third - since new restrictions on malpractice cases became law in February 2005, according to state Department of Insurance records obtained by the AP through an open records request.

I'm not certain where the blame for this lies - whether due to the decision to allow overabundant pettifoggers to advertize on television or just good old fashioned avarice, but there it is - special interest lobbyists subverting and looting the public trust with the apparent aid of your elected officials.

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Nothing but a pseudo-socialist Ponzi scheme.


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