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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Watch the Magician's Other Hand

Watching the mainstream media would lead one to believe that the overwhelming concerns of the American public are Gay, Flag-burning, Immigrant Terrorists. But that conclusion would be incorrect.

These red-hearing issues are about avarice, control, and power. They are emotional hot-buttons that the current crop of media-master, think-tank, neo-con fascists know will strike a chord with uneducated, unsophisticated voters. This country has degenerated into an embarrassing crop of mass-think, knee-jerk xenophobes who have been agitated by this and other non-issues into surrendering their rights and their children's futures to the ever expanding threat of the fear-mongering, military-industrial complex and power-brokers. They have lost the ability to glean any real truths from history, psychology, or even genuine religious teachings. They ignore the corruption and misdeeds of these "leaders" partly because the Churches have sold out to equally corrupt, centralized religious voices that have no interest in peace, justice, or even moral rectitude, and who have no goal other than personal profit and the quest for more media attention.

The Bible states that He is wherever man quietly seeks guidance - mass organized religion, the preacher's desire for a new Cadillac or an estate, huge tax exempt organizations and churches are mentioned only as a warning of who and what to avoid by those seeking true penance.

Accordingly, avarice is the modern neo-con God, and while this remains a problem as old as man himself, I fear that we have not only sold out this country to the highest bidder, we have additionally spread the seeds of a whole new crop of America hating terrorists with our insolent behaviour in the world arena.

For what it's worth...


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