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Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Extremely Foolish Neighbor

The Scourge of the South is at it again. Endeavoring to prop up the defective neo-con American World Dominance PNAC philosophy which he boldly ushered into influence, Newt Gingrich proclaims that we are now engaged in World War III. Read this link, consider the psychology involved, and come to your own informed conclusion. Reed has been exposed as a hollow sham, and Newt is next in the queue of flash-in-the-pan social oddities to be relegated to the political dustbin - both taking their just places alongside the largely forgotten Zig Zag Zell. What thinking civilization would embrace isolated, xenophobic career politicians of this caliber? Those who would sell-out the livelihood of America in support of these dysfunctional, hubristic ideals should be removed from influence over any US policy.

Gingrich Says it's World War III - The Seattle Times

The WWIII (or IV...) Hyperbole - The Belgravia Dispatch

Additionally, while extolling the virtues of scientific research, he then backpedals by proclaiming that religious ideology should trump scientific advancement. AAAS attendee comically observes that Gingrich comes off as having "nuggets of wisdom interspersed in pure baloney." More likely a flailing, desperate effort towards career damage control by a crippled, insular academic.

My Evening with Newt - Discussion with AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellows


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