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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scorched Earth Policy

One of my neighbors is an enthusiastic CCC Bush/Cheney supporter, as are most of the denizens of this particularly Red district in Georgia. I refer to him as Mr. Scorched Earth. Why? Because his approach to horticulture is just as insidiously juvenile and simplistic as the Bush/Cheney PNAC approach to Foreign Diplomacy. All summer I have watched in amusement as he persists in futile efforts at lawn weed removal - which is ironically reminiscent of the BushCo approach to spreading Democracy throughout the world. His methodology, similar to our policies in Iraq and now Lebanon, is to kill every living thing in his lawn and then replant in the fall. Each day he patrols his little expanse of barren earth, spraying every bit of emerging vegetation with chemical defoliant. The result, he believes, will be a fertile expanse of grass, free of those pesky weeds. Sound familiar?

Let us consider for a moment, that the weeds in his lawn are analogous to terrorists. And that his goal is to nurture a lush green lawn/democracy and an absence of weeds/terrorists. What my callow neighbor doesn't realize, however, is that the weeds will soon return with as much vim and vigor as before - as will the terrorists in Iraq and Lebanon. For just as his current actions fail to address the elemental cause of weed growth in his lawn, our defective policies in the Middle East are not addressing the substantive impetus behind the growth of terrorism.

The key to eliminating weed growth in a lawn is to nurture a strong stand of turf, thereby choking out the weeds due to competition for nutrients and growth-space. No solution other than this will result in a permanent abolishment of unwanted weeds. And as well, only nurturing the moderate civilians will result in abatement of terrorism in the Middle East. But instead, the US has chosen to promote the destruction of friendly citizens' lives in both Iraq and Lebanon, along with both countries infrastructures. It will take hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild what has been obliterated, and most survivors who were sympathetic to our goals now despise our existence.

We have, by our own hands, sown the seeds for a bumper crop of aggressive new terrorists with our Scorched Earth Policies - making the PNAC military industrial war profiteers quite jubilant.

Damned Idiots.


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