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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The High Price of Doing The Right Thing

In July of this year, I commented on the Navy Attorney who refused to cooperate with the railroading attempts being made by the current administration at Guantánamo Bay.
Our Fading American Ideals

While Swift adhered not only to greater democratic ideals, but rulings from the US Supreme Court which ruled in June that the tribunals violated American law as well as the Geneva Conventions, the Navy responded by killing his military career.

Apparently, two weeks after the historic high court victory in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, Swift was told he was being denied a promotion. Under the Navy's up-or-out system, this spells the end of his 20-year career.

This pathetic administration plays lip service to democracy, and represents the worst of executive power run amok, propped up by legions of money and power hungry sycophants.

But the most egregious truth is that this scenario is played out in little fiefdoms scattered across this country. The quest for political leverage has resulted in a maddening disregard for the rules of law which "common men" are forced into compliance with, yet those "above the law" are allowed any infractions they deem fit in their quest for ever growing amounts of unbridled power and influence. As amply demonstrated by the behavior of the politicos of Cobb, County, GA, those who do the right thing are rewarded with dismissal and punishment, and those who kowtow to those corrupt entities in power are amply rewarded.

This country is being bleached of upright ethical behavior by the bile of avarice.


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