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Monday, November 06, 2006

Separate Standards

There exists a faction of the population who believe that the Constitution is a quaint, bothersome document primarily intended to dupe teaming masses of minions into a sense of complacency and blind acceptance. The aforesaid document implies the right to a fair trial, equal protection under the law, honesty in government, protection of property rights, and a reasonable foreign policy to every citizen. But in reality, these Constitutional "suggestions" don't actually apply to the common man - the voters, taxpayers, and ultimately, the employers of these schmucks, and aww, shoot, they don't matter a whit when there is power and profit to be garnered. These people are commonly known as modern day politicos.

And if an unpleasant truth rears its ugly head, better to chop it off than deal with it in an honorable fashion. If that ugly truth happens to be an ordinary citizen, so be it. This is the modern Neo-Con Republican way. Open dissent is not tolerated. Secret, closed door meetings, ex parte negotiations, and pandering to moneyed interests rather than the public interest are their claim to fame.

With this scenario in mind, I remind you that a vote for James Bodiford as Cobb Superior Court Judge is a vote for cronyism, corruption, and kleptocracy. Similarly, this warning abundantly applies to (hopefully soon to be ex-) governor Sonny Perdue, and to the bulk of the currently installed national Neo-Con Republican party. The remaining 2% of decent Republicans who might privately dissent with a given party position are chastised into towing the party line for fear of loosing financial and/or party backing. Most of these pinheads, on both sides of the fence, refuse to stand up and do the right thing.

November 7th is upon us, and it is way past time to elect people who will do the right thing, for the right reasons, and for the right people - and not act solely to protect their own self-interests.

VOTE for honest, enlightened, and open government, not sycophants and cronies.


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