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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blocking the Wheels of the GOP Machine

Well, it looks as though Democrats have finally thrown a chock under the wheels of the runaway GOP machine. As of this writing, the House is assured, but the Senate is still up for grabs. It's gonna be tight, but some balance has been restored.

Even if Democrats have no viable solutions to offer, at least they have impacted the inertia of the power mad PNAC/GOP kleptocracy known as the Bush administration.

Ohio, a Republican stronghold for 16 years, swung wildly to the left. Santorum (R-PA) is history, and Allen (R-VA) is most likely gone as well. Lieberman (CFL-CN) received a pointed wake-up call during the primaries, but voters exhibited a strange loyalty to their boy, and he remains incumbent.

I anxiously await Bush's address later today. The cocky strutting and condescending manner should be absent, and as transparent as he is, I'm sure he will seem more like a child who just witnessed his pet dog flattened by a garbage truck, and less like a man with a "mandate for change." Providence my ass...

And Cheney? He's probably in his bomb shelter polishing up the shotgun for another round of "shoot the messenger."


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