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Friday, February 23, 2007

Just Make It Stop

Oh, God - Just Make It Stop!
This country has gone absolutely insane.

If you live in the United States of Self-Indulgent Consumption, you know who the first two women are - but what about the third?

Meet Marine Corporal Jennifer Parcell, 20, of Bel Air, Maryland. She was killed Wednesday, February 7, 2007 while supporting combat operations in Al Anbar province.

Jennifer Parcell
When you tire of watching the endless dog and pony show that is the media fascination with the first two husks of humanity, jump on over and check out Jennifer's MySpace account, and read her brief and largely unnoticed obituary.

That some bubble-headed, drug-addled, bleach blond, Monroe wanna-be would absolutely dominate the airwaves for weeks on end is an acerbic indictment of not only the media, but the idiots who line up to feed from this pablum. It is a minor shame that Smith's life was a virtual train-wreck, but it was self-induced for the most part. There are many honorable, learned people who are far more deserving of the non-stop media attention than this plastic-age strumpet who possessed the IQ of an artichoke. I have mentioned but one of them this article.

Now don't you feel so much better? Don't forget to go shopping.
I.. Just.. Can't... Take... It... Anymore...

h/t to jurassicpork

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Hope They Get It

I made the mistake of venturing out into the nether world of the Red State this past Saturday, mingling with a variety of people including two generations of federal law clerks, an enlisted Air Force lifer about to be deployed to Iraq, a clothing salesman originally from New York, a transplanted Ohioan, and of course, the ubiquitous (around here, anyway) "friend of Newt." The conversations were generally pleasant, with the exception of the Newtite who stalked off in a huff when I proposed that if the pompous, war-mongering, anti-constitutionalist, NeoCon Newt has anything to say to me he should haul his ass on down. It seems they have the mistaken idea that I am somehow "unenlightened" as to the horrible dangers posed by this evil world. That I, somehow, just don't get it. And further, that I care one iota what they think. I have already discarded their perverted ideals as the garbage which emanates from dark, depraved minds.

But to clear up this misconception, I "get it" just fine. I see the dangers in this world, and I clearly see who is responsible for exacerbating tensions in the world arena. And for the most part, it is this pack of rabid NeoCon zealots. They will never win me over to their bizarre, morally bankrupt, xenophobic vision of the world, and they may as well stop trying. Further, that they would ply with some shameless emotional blackmail is beyond the pale. They are twisted, morally and emotionally bankrupt husks of humanity.

Your mission for the day is to look at these images of a beautiful, progressive and creative country and its generally moderate people and guess who they are:

Figured it out yet?
This is Iran and the capitol city of Tehran.

Now compare these images to the war mongering rhetoric being spewed forth by the clowns profiteers of the NeoCon/PNAC Cabal concerning Iran and the feigned threat it poses to the free world.

To quote the babbling cretin GWB, "We can't get fooled again."

Video Collages Of Iran:
Iran: Another Perspective, a Photo Tour
Iran: Images from Tehran

Oh, and Newt?
You are yesterday's bad news - Put Up or Shut the Fuck Up.
  • You, who opposes free speech and advocates censorship of the Internet.

  • You, who screamed at the top of your lungs that you were "Mad As Hell" at what you saw as corruption in the Democratic party, but subsequently ushered into place the most corrupt pack of self-serving hyenas in modern history.

  • You, who give lip service to morals and family values, while at the same time carrying on clandestine affairs with various women, and serving the first wife who put you through Emory with divorce papers as she lay in the hospital succumbing to cancer.

  • You, who are nothing more than a pompous, narcissistic, opportunistic media whore who is consumed by credulous delusions of grandeur.

  • You, whose flatulent ego is propped up by legions of pale sycophants who are similarly inept and delusional.

  • You, who are a sub-par scab on the face of humanity - as are your buds from Emory. And you know the rest of the story, bubba...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV

Winter's low humidity has left me infected with a horrible cold. Posts will not be particularly insightful 'till this is over. Humor is about all I have to offer at this point, and even that is accompanied by a resigned grimace.

So, this is dedicated to all the red-staters who seem to think that buying a yellow, made in China, "I Support the Troops" ribbon helps anyone but the pocketbooks of the traitorous maggots who import and sell them to a gullible, self-absorbed, ignorant public which feeds from the trough of Faux News, et al.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Iraqi Predicament

The American press covers little of the Iraqi situation, and what does make it into mainstream news presentations is frequently skewed towards the administration line. Considering this, I felt it to be appropriate to share these bits of video journalism to counter the spin which pervades common American opinion. Draw your own conclusions.

This is a fairly balanced documentary based upon Iraqi citizen's standpoints. It is clumsily broken into five parts, but the message is clear.
Iraq - The Lost Generation
Dispatches 1/5
Dispatches 2/5
Dispatches 3/5
Dispatches 4/5
Dispatches 5/5

The irony contained in these hollow words is staggering:
Why They Hate Us

The counterpoint:
Why They Hate Us - Really...

How would you feel...
US Tank vs. Iraqi Taxi
Iraqi Kid Runs For Water
Humvee Traffic Driving in Baghdad

The Enduring Legacy of Katrina - Part Three

A picture is worth a thousand words...
More than one year after Katrina swept through coastal Louisiana and Mississippi, unleashing torrential floodwaters upon the populace, a drive-through of the Lower Ninth Ward and Lakeview reveals little recovery.

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