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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Iraqi Predicament

The American press covers little of the Iraqi situation, and what does make it into mainstream news presentations is frequently skewed towards the administration line. Considering this, I felt it to be appropriate to share these bits of video journalism to counter the spin which pervades common American opinion. Draw your own conclusions.

This is a fairly balanced documentary based upon Iraqi citizen's standpoints. It is clumsily broken into five parts, but the message is clear.
Iraq - The Lost Generation
Dispatches 1/5
Dispatches 2/5
Dispatches 3/5
Dispatches 4/5
Dispatches 5/5

The irony contained in these hollow words is staggering:
Why They Hate Us

The counterpoint:
Why They Hate Us - Really...

How would you feel...
US Tank vs. Iraqi Taxi
Iraqi Kid Runs For Water
Humvee Traffic Driving in Baghdad


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