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Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Message

So the freaking insanity continues. Add another log to the fire that blazes up from the blackened coals of bias - consuming and polarizing our society. The ludicrous sniping and propaganda which saturates this country with the bile of hostility, and which originates from both political camps concerning just about every damned aspect of modern life, is sickening at best. And a grand distraction of time, effort, and monumental consequences at it's worst.

This ubiquitous bipolar bitterness shames me as an American Citizen. A spoiled bunch of whining narcissists who have had it better than most of the world for generations - who not only don't appreciate that fact, but have seemingly cast aside the common sense to nurture it. Rabid finger pointing and hypercritical obsession over the most trivial of things - instead of problem solving and genuine solutions. Flaring tempers and vehement rhetoric devoid of reason are not the tools you use to build a grand article of furniture, nor are they of any more use in building and managing a grand homeland.

This is a country made up of many religions, races, and backgrounds. It is not owned by any one segment of the population any more than it should be governed by any one faction. It is a fair and equitable place where people should want to live in Harmony and Peace, free to worship whatever religion they chose. As long as you aren't being threatened with a club or watching your rights or chattel vanish over the next hill, it's not your concern how another lives or worships. The diversity and creativity of America's population is a major factor that made it a shining beacon to the world as the land of Freedom.

But the smokescreen of polarization is tearing this country down. Worse than roving bands of thieves in the dark forest, these people are stealing our ability to effect social change, to solve real problems, and even to simply get along with our neighbors. Lemmings who have to paint everything in life either Red or Blue.

But just as it's been throughout the eon, the actual truth lies somewhere between the two captious extremes. Truth - it is the White which separates the Red and Blue.

It's not a monochromatic world out there, it's Technicolor. And not many of us want to march lock-step to any particular brand of segregation, nor want it rammed down our throats. We want to live out our lives, free and unfettered by the mantra of hatred - especially when inspired by the lust for gold or acclaim. But row by row we continue to sow the seeds of resentment and bigotry. And the yield of this crop is social unrest. We inch another step towards resembling, more than anything, the extremists in Iraq with each passing day. Liberal this, and Neo-Con that. Christian this, and Muslim that. Us vs. Them. Like it or not, the Crusades are over. The hate-mongers can't even shut-up long enough to celebrate a holiday season that, for Christians, should represent peace, love, and understanding.

What would Jesus say about this?

Can't you people give it a rest for one day?
After all, isn't that what Christmas is about?

Live Long and Prosper! ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sniping and the spin does wear on the brain after awhile, doesn't it?

I've been visiting several Georgia bloggers over the past two days, and you have some great points here.

A new blog carnival just for Georgia bloggers is beginning Jan. 5. Georgia On My Mind has all of the information about submitting a post.

Fri Dec 29, 09:55:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Thanks! Your link doesn't link to anything however, so you might want to update that.

Sat Dec 30, 07:33:00 AM  

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