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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let's Bomb Iran

The Discovery Channel is airing a Ted Kopel presentation on Iran tonight at 9:00. Whether this turns out to be divisive propaganda or actual journalism remains to be seen, but I believe all Americans should be knowledgeable about the country and its people that some NeoCon Crazies would love to shower with nukes in a preemptive strike. As the drumbeat of alien culture demonization throbs in the distance, public familiarization with the "enemy" is the nightmare scenario for these profiteering chicken-hawks. Doom and fear are all these corrupt traitors to humanity have to sell - I'm not buying and neither should you.

Having lived the 60's under the threat of nuclear disaster, I'll be damned if I'm living out my end days under the same dark umbrella of Eschatology. Every day that passes I am more convinced that the current crop of NeoCon loons are bat shit insane, and that their lofty, insular approach to world affairs is akin to some demented game of Risk. There is much profit to be garnered by the MIC if half the world devolves into a World Wide War scenario, and rest assured, if Iran is attacked preemptively, the hornets are going to fly. Aside from the congealed opposition from the Muslim World and the Middle East, we will lose face with entire European countries who were, until recently, sympathetic to our causes. Even Israel will eventually knee-jerk, as they will not only be at the forefront of the mix, but as the threat of destruction, pollution, and possibility of nuclear contamination finally registers, there likely won't be much left to salvage. Last plane from Ground Zero to Arkansas leaves shortly...

You can call them Free Masons, Illuminati, Plutocrats or whatever pleases you, but the unpleasant evidence supports the existence of a web of moneyed individuals who think like malicious 8 year olds playing out the world's future as a petty board game. They do not advertize their services, as Uncle Sam is their only customer. They do not compete in a free market, as their contracts are fixed by cronies and lobbyists. And if there does happen to be a competitor, no matter, price fixing is nooo problemo, meet me out on the 8th and well hammer out the details. And don't worry about profit, boys, 'cause there's plenty to go around.
Rounds, Drinks and Dinner on the Taxpayer.

Before I am labeled a dove, however, rest assured that I firmly believe those who are so unruly as to provide a genuine threat to humanity should have their asses kicked. But...

A party free of vested interests has nothing to lose by negotiation, while those who would hold ulterior motives are want to plot, plan, and deceive to protect their hidden agenda from public exposure. The "wisdom" expounded by the NeoCon enablers is that of babbling, profiteering fools.

Yes, Iran is a problem and Saddam was a tyrant. But as I attempt to decode whatever twisted logic was relied upon while planning the unwarranted, preemptive invasion of a sock-puppet country like Iraq, the only truths that withstand examination are: profiteering, a vain attempt to procure oil resources that are running thin world-wide, and burning off excess poor, unwanted population - otherwise known as the young servicemen of the military. Katrina was just the icing on their morning pastry of avarice. Now think about that one for a bit.

An interesting read:Rebooting the Dictator Software

"Information is the currency of democracy." - Thomas Jefferson


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