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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Winds Of Change - Or - What's That Smell?

As the Klownhammer of Incompetence is passed from the Right to the Left, I find it interesting to watch as the rats leap from the sinking U.S.S. Bu$hCo. The Bob Woodwards, Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys of the mainstream media fervently downshift into damage control mode as the shrinking pool of crap these spineless sycophants have been wallowing in for the past 6 years hardens in the sweltering heat of reality.

Ever since the Administration's shift in priority from Bin Laden to Iraq, I've been screaming at the top of my lungs that their grand vision wouldn't work, and was the wrong methodology at the wrong time. I've been inundated by ignorant, rude Bushite neighbors, been given Bob Woodward books, watched moronic talking heads on the tube, received social snubs and been overwhelmed by a feeling of having slipped uncontrollably into the twilight zone - yet again. But I refused to compromise my convictions, and just as in 1987 when attempting to warn another local group of sleazy NeoCon GOP scumbags of impending chaos - whereby I was swiftboated, falsely imprisoned without warrant, held on hearsay evidence and unable to present any defense - was ultimately proven correct; although no one noticed or cared by that point. This is the exact mechanism at work in the US torture prisons - heck, if they got away with it on an American citizen, it should be no problem against a bunch of dirty brown skinned people in a foreign land. After all, there are profits to be made - as long as it looks like they're actually doing something useful...

In another vein, the vast "left wing media conspiracy" is pelting Nancy Pelosi with rocks even before she has completed one day on the job. The Glass Ceiling is officially pronounced with this screenshot from CNN. Damaged goods? What is she, chattel? A bride-to-be who cannot honestly wear a white wedding dress for her soon to be macho masters? Isn't that the traditional implication of this idiotic headline? Is "the little slut" not capable of mixing it up with a bunch of inbred, chicken hawk, cigar chomping, whiskey soaked, good-old-boy cronies? From my experience, with a few notable exceptions, women are generally far more adept at honest evaluation and critical thinking than most of their conceited male counterparts. And don't even get me started on the morality thing...

On her behalf, I say, "Kiss My Ass, Ignorant NeoCon Male Scum."


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