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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Truth About Emory

What is it about Atlanta's Emory University and its penchant for producing NeoCons who are totally devoid of honorable behavior? Me thinks that perhaps Emory should institute a few more ethics classes, and a few less back-stabbing, lying, hubris, ladder climbing, and corporate raider classes. Probably should throw a few US Constitution 101 classes in there as well.

Shocking you say, how could you accuse this fine, old institution of such debauchery? It's quite easy, really! Simply look towards its alumni and observe their post-graduate behaviors.

It was a revelation to me as well, for while I used the facilities of Emory University's law school while suing some two-bit dirt bag lawyer in Cobb County back in the late 80s, I failed to realize that this school is a springboard for NeoCon scum which later enters the political arena. Where spoiled children of privilege learn how to blindly support the NeoCon agendas, as well as their own personal agendas, while destroying anyone or anything that stands in their way. Ethics? Bah... This probably explains the threats and intimidation received from Emory players during that time as well. Yes, what a fine, upstanding institution.

And imagine my surprise to find that nearly every stumbling block placed in my way for the past 18 years has been a graduate of this university, or a Bush family friend - a growing list of arrogant, collusive freaks who are about to face the music. I'm not even through with you bastards yet. A toothless antagonism? Perhaps, but just look at the changes which have occurred in this country since my first announcement of these behaviors in May of 2006.

Apparently, the years between 1963 and 1965 produced a bumper crop of avaricious, crony, NeoCon tools, including such notables as Newt Gingrich (delusional NeoCon), P. Harris Hines (ex-Cobb Superior Court/GA Supreme Court Judge), Richard H. Still, Jr. (ex-Cobb School Board Attorney), Tilly Fowler ("The Steel Magnolia", NeoCon/MIC enabler in Jacksonville, FL), and Gordon N. Gerson (ex-surgeon/collusive tool). The list is long and vile.

Aside from their open displays of bigotry, hubris, greed, and utterly self-serving behavior, these "people" cannot even follow their own rules. The Law? No matter, Buy the Judge. The Truth? No matter, Buy the Witnesses. The Free Economy? No matter, Buy the Banks, the Enablers, and the Government. A stacked deck by any other name smells just as corrupt. And what has wrought such bitter insight into the workings of the Cabal of Southern White Trash known as Emory University? This.

Happy New Year, Scum - It will be your last.


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