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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Hump Day Revelation

It recently dawned on me that one of the things I missed most about living in the coastal areas of Florida was the diversity of the population - whether resident or tourist. Each day might result in a 2 hour laugh-fest with a group from England at a SunSpree resort on the Atlantic, or an hour long walk and discussion of American politics and JFK with an elderly couple as we wound our way through the dunes of Honeymoon Island on the Gulf. A Greek couple on Sanibel Island, or a couple of young women from Moldavia in Key West. Most everyone I met was educated, had well formulated opinions, and was seemingly better informed than your average red-stater of not only European but US affairs. But this was back in the 90's, and I left Florida when the BushCo machine strong-armed its way into the state's politics.

Perhaps that is why I view the current US political and media climate with more than a bit of scepticism. I see the untruths which are spread by an administration subservient media, and the outright lies which spew forth from the mouths of poll-riding hacks who have wrested control of the government from more reasonable stewards. The economy has been bled to the breaking point, and the exceedingly corrupt business of war is our primary export. This country is becoming more and more isolationist, and is being driven headlong into the abyss of ignorance and intolerance by a group of xenophobes who probably dream of mushroom clouds and marching fascism. Problem is, they are the primary purveyors of such niceties, and have sullied the tenets of Conservatism beyond reclamation.

Will 2009 ever arrive...?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Cello Madness

Ran across this clip and thought it was inventive.
Man, does this guy love his cello!
Follow the link to watch and listen to A Cello Rondo

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monkeys With Sticks

I don't generally watch mainstream TV news, but I happened across the Scarborough Country on MSNBC tonight. My reward was a splitting headache and a general queasiness after 20 minutes. Here is a man who, not long ago, was hawking the war on Iraq. Now he seems to have reversed his position on Iraq, but is now ginning up public acceptance for a war with Iran - even if by proxy through Israel, via Nuclear exchange. Ten minutes later, I'm watching two vacuous blondes discuss their materialistic aspirations. What in the hell is this stuff supposed to be? It's certainly not news, more likely hemlock for the mind and soul. If this crap represents the values of what Scarborough so unctuously refers to as "Middle America" - I'm moving the hell out of here.

Simplistic, disingenuous, narcissistic pablum - and what unfortunately fills the living rooms of million of homes across the nation under the guise of news. How this one network could air "news" hosts with views as diametrically opposite as Scarborough and Olberman defies logic.

When three cavalier talking heads begin dismissing a nuclear exchange with anyone as a foregone conclusion, repudiating diplomacy, and reporting distorted fact and out of context sound bytes as justification, I've heard all I need to hear - you psychos are crazy.

My head is still spinning...

Gestures of Amiability

U.S. wrestlers were welcomed to Iran on Tuesday with bouquets of pink and white flowers at a time of increasing tensions between the two countries, recalling the days before Tehran's reformers were defeated by its current hard-line leadership.

The Americans, wearing jackets emblazoned with "USA Wrestling," were given the warm greeting by young girls in traditional Iranian dresses at an airport in the southern city of Bandar Abbas.

Warm welcome for U.S. wrestlers in Iran

Doubtless there are some who will interpret this as a devious display of good will, but I am of the belief that the bulk of the Iranian people do not wish to become involved in mutual bloodshed. Stubborn leaders and hidden agendas are pushing us towards lethal confrontation with Iran in lieu of diplomacy. Dovish? Nahh... just practical.

Correction: Iran wrestling story
January 18, 2007

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- In a Jan. 16 story about U.S. wrestlers visiting Iran, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Iran boycotted the 2003 world freestyle wrestling championships in New York. Iran initially announced it would boycott but in the end participated in the tournament.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Red State Rubes

Living in one of the largest backwater states in the nation, I am constantly subjected to some of the most alarming and disingenuous propaganda imaginable. This is a place where people urinate on the floors of local taverns, puke on fellow patrons, and discard mountains of trash for others to clean up after a holiday event. Welcome to Cobb County, Georgia. But it's the same in other parts of the South. Jacksonville, FL, 4th of July - hordes of Westsiders flock to the beaches to shoot fireworks over the ocean. The problem? The next morning, you can hardly see a patch of sand for the garbage, beer bottles, and torn clothing left behind by this onslaught of drunken rabble. And this, as well as anything, represents the mindset of your modern day rabid NeoCon - consume what you can, destroy what you will, and leave the mess for others to clean up.

These mental rejects are the fuel that drives the NeoCon machine of corruption, greed, and cronyism - and at the same time are its most obvious victims. They act as cheerleaders for those who are bent on destroying what they cherish most - freedom, property rights, and national security. I would include education in this list, but these types eschew lernin more than they do a dagnabed librul.

Yet for the life of me, I cannot figure out what appeal the NeoCons hold for these people. Are they simply stupid and gullible? Do they subconsciously feel they deserve punishment for their apparent intellectual inferiority? Or is the entire basis of their support for a party of miscreants based on bigotry and overwhelmingly base behavior? I'm betting on the latter - the unspoken rage of teaming hordes which is based entirely on fear of the unfamiliar and absolute bigotry. Why bother to educate or enlighten when hatred serves their purpose - and it's so darned easy. And if there is something a rube loves, it's the easy way out of a problem - no matter that it may not actually work. But they continue to line up like lemmings, supporting hidden agendas which ship their jobs overseas, cheats them from their property and children's futures, and destroys their beloved "country life" by selling out to avaricious carpetbagger developers. And all the while, the Barons continue to laugh at the rubes who allow, and even support, the onslaught. Cronies who run up unimaginable debt, bankrupting the county, while padding their already deep pockets with generations of tax liability. And who do you think will be paying for all of this? The Rubes - who else.

Imagine my surprise when attempting to leave a comment refuting a specious claim made at - they don't allow comments to be made, except by "screened" individuals. What kind of open discussion is this? A circle jerk of tiny little redneck winger minds who bask in each other's ignorance. Dissent is not allowed and the comments are screened - sounds just like the current administration to me. An administration so full of holes they couldn't capture a raindrop during a tsunami. An administration that fears Truth and plays lip service to the fears and foibles of those who don't bother to reason beyond the most superficial of notions.

I've visited hundreds of blogs over the past several years, but the only sites I've seen that do not allow unfettered, open discussion are the NeoCon/RedState sites. In fact, many "leftist" blogs, such as Crooks and Liars, actually welcome alternative viewpoints. This alone should speak volumes on how tedious their grasp of reality has become - they cannot defend their warped agenda against one lone dissenting voice. And when they do, it is generally couched in a tirade of foul language and ad hominem attacks. The filthy Newt Gingrich's of this country have spread their foul, hateful disease far and wide, and it has affected one third of this country. Let us hope that 2007 holds a new cure for this national blight known as the NeoCon GOP.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Truth About Emory

What is it about Atlanta's Emory University and its penchant for producing NeoCons who are totally devoid of honorable behavior? Me thinks that perhaps Emory should institute a few more ethics classes, and a few less back-stabbing, lying, hubris, ladder climbing, and corporate raider classes. Probably should throw a few US Constitution 101 classes in there as well.

Shocking you say, how could you accuse this fine, old institution of such debauchery? It's quite easy, really! Simply look towards its alumni and observe their post-graduate behaviors.

It was a revelation to me as well, for while I used the facilities of Emory University's law school while suing some two-bit dirt bag lawyer in Cobb County back in the late 80s, I failed to realize that this school is a springboard for NeoCon scum which later enters the political arena. Where spoiled children of privilege learn how to blindly support the NeoCon agendas, as well as their own personal agendas, while destroying anyone or anything that stands in their way. Ethics? Bah... This probably explains the threats and intimidation received from Emory players during that time as well. Yes, what a fine, upstanding institution.

And imagine my surprise to find that nearly every stumbling block placed in my way for the past 18 years has been a graduate of this university, or a Bush family friend - a growing list of arrogant, collusive freaks who are about to face the music. I'm not even through with you bastards yet. A toothless antagonism? Perhaps, but just look at the changes which have occurred in this country since my first announcement of these behaviors in May of 2006.

Apparently, the years between 1963 and 1965 produced a bumper crop of avaricious, crony, NeoCon tools, including such notables as Newt Gingrich (delusional NeoCon), P. Harris Hines (ex-Cobb Superior Court/GA Supreme Court Judge), Richard H. Still, Jr. (ex-Cobb School Board Attorney), Tilly Fowler ("The Steel Magnolia", NeoCon/MIC enabler in Jacksonville, FL), and Gordon N. Gerson (ex-surgeon/collusive tool). The list is long and vile.

Aside from their open displays of bigotry, hubris, greed, and utterly self-serving behavior, these "people" cannot even follow their own rules. The Law? No matter, Buy the Judge. The Truth? No matter, Buy the Witnesses. The Free Economy? No matter, Buy the Banks, the Enablers, and the Government. A stacked deck by any other name smells just as corrupt. And what has wrought such bitter insight into the workings of the Cabal of Southern White Trash known as Emory University? This.

Happy New Year, Scum - It will be your last.