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Thursday, January 08, 2009

So whadda ya gonna do about it?

While reflecting on the last year, and possibly a few more as well, I can't help but breath a bit easier knowing that BushCo has been partially ejected from the engineers seat of the speeding train of social and economic upheaval; yet watching Democrats flagellate their way into self-destruct mode leaves little hope for improvement. I certainly hope that one of the major components of Change I Can Believe In as promised by the Obama administration involves Getting Their Act Together. It's not looking so good thus far...

One of the primary issues confronting the US is the imploding economy which has been listing progressively for years. Contrary to common assumption this current state of affairs was not unforeseeable, nor was it unavoidable. Most of your elected leaders have consistently kowtowed to the interests of greed and high profit margins by allowing millions of manufacturing jobs to vacate the country; leading to multi-trillion dollar deficits with Mainland China. They have allowed speculative smoke and mirror trading bubbles and ponzi schemes to topple Wall Street and they have blatantly ignored billions in fraud, waste, and incompetence while bleeding the public till in the name of "National Security". In short, the majority of your beltway insiders are corrupt, incompetent, and utterly complicit. They are serving those who elect them - K Street corporate interests with buckets of money to throw at elections - not you or I. Joe the Plumber isn't even on their radar, with the sole exception of verbal crumbs of hope they toss out at election time - which are quickly forgotten once back in session. These people are primarily concerned about maintaining their cushy positions in Congress, their taxpayer-funded lifetime heath care, and "growing" their portfolios of favoritism and insider dealings. Most have become so bold, so arrogant, so unapologetic concerning their unethical, crony dealings that a common response in today's political climate is "Don't like it? Whadda ya gonna do about it? And by the way, I'm going to get you fired if you don't leave this alone". Illinois' Blogojevich and Georgia's "Sonny" Perdue both demonstrate an eerie resemblance in this regard. While Illinois residents are a bit quicker to catch on to such skullduggery, Georgians are notoriously poor at spotting, or holding accountable, the crooks they (re)elect on a regular basis. Which explains why the GOP has such a strong hold on and invests so much energy into the south. Georgia is also one of the most predatory, citizen and consumer rights unfriendly states in the nation.

While Blogo may eventually be ousted, Perdue continues to flagrantly violate the public trust by selling public use lands to private developers. His latest land grab for corporate interests involves Jekyll Island, a barrier island off the coast of GA. Under the guise of "revitalization", miles of prime, public oceanfront property is being turned over for the next 50 years to Linger Longer, a company owned by Mercer Reynolds. Reynolds is a well known Republican fundraiser who contributed several hundred million dollars to the Bush 2004 reelection campaign, and of course, lesser amounts to Perdue himself. What does the public get, you ask? 1% of net condo sales, 3.5% of motel/hotel rental receipts - but only after 4 years of profits; 10 years on food and beverage. This is NOT a good deal for the citizens of GA who will lose all free access to these public park lands. Add this to the Oaky Woods debacle and several crony deals involving Florida developers, and you can plainly see who is zoomin' who. But ignorant Georgians would rather argue about Rebel Flags and Them Uppity Blacks than their own well being; and the press presents a virtual blackout - Big Surprise.

But back to the employment dilemma. These mobsters have been complicit in the gutting of the country's infrastructure of manufacturing; iron, steel, textiles, electronics, phone support, toys, printing, plastics, machine parts and equipment, tools, screws and nails, and even the much lauded savior of the early 2000 economy: Information Technology. It's Gone. And now we argue over why there is rising unemployment? Get serious. There is no easy cure for the gasping chest wound that was once the US economy as this situation has been years in the making, but a good start would be a cost of living tariff on imported goods. US workers cannot compete with 50 cent an hour workers - Ever. (Perhaps if housing, food, fuel and power were to drop to 1910 levels, but I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.) Small businesses are disappearing in lieu of large corporate interests, and staggering mediocrity, low wages, and poverty are the end result.

Is any real, meaningful reform likely to occur? Probably not, and we will continue to dole out grossly inflationary, stop gap measures such as hundred billion dollar bailouts that serve only those who created the problem in the first place. The best thing that has happened as of late is Wall Street collapsing like the house of cards it is and hitting a few of these maggots in the wallets. Perhaps it will wake a few people up before it is too late - if it's not already. Short term thinking, avarice, and vulture capitalism is methodically destroying this country brick by brick; family by family. What happened to common sense and patriotism? It long ago took a back seat to profit. Take a look at Dick Cheney's investment portfolio to see just how hopeful these folks are about the future of this country.

So whadda ya gonna do about it?


Anonymous AlanSmithee said...

What are you gonna do? I'll tell you what you're gonna do. Jack shit. That's what you're gonna do.

You are going to keep shoveling less-evil corporate crap to people already bullied into apathy.

You are going to keep selling empty PR slogans like "Hope for Small Change" or what-the-fuck-ever.

You are going to keep sneering at people who really are fighting the corrupt system you support.

That's what you are gonna do.

Thu Jan 08, 07:22:00 AM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Not me, dude. ;-)

But that does seem to be the plan for the bulk of Americans. It's already so bad that you have to walk around with a lawyer strapped to your side to get any satisfaction from what used to be an average business transaction, but then you have to watch the pettifogger as well as he picks your wallet. I've already pursued one group of GOP criminals through the state's legal system to the Supreme Court (what a joke), culminating in what was tantamount to a cooperative effort to conceal abject criminal behavior by both Republicans and Dixiecrats.

And what did the public do?
Cooperated in exchange for land, favors and cushy jobs.
Or Watched American Idol and yawned.

Sharks and the Chum they feed upon.

Thu Jan 08, 09:14:00 AM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

What you gonna do ?

Well, I for one will breath a sigh of relief when I see Bush and Laura FINALLY leave the whitehouse- at this point I would heave their crappy stuff on the front lawn without a care...and just to have a Chance at some kind of Change is what I have clung to all these frigging awful years...

Is Obama "better" or off to a good start...I think he is...just seeing him in meetings with his people- with pens and paper- they look smart- like they read and pay attention and actually think- all needed to problem solve...

Bush's cabinet meetings just looked like a bunch of CEO"s having catered lunch...and waiting for the check....pigs...corporate pigs....

I have hope...and you know that for me to have hope is a very big deal...2 years ago I was ready to leave the U.S......but I am willing to give this administration one more chance...

Now that said...things are bad..very...and alot of dumass Dems Enabled this administration and there are certainly MANY areas that need housecleaning....( cough...Pelosi and reid and finestein could ALL be shown the door as far as I am concerned...)

anyways...we will see what happens...

I am working three jobs (PT) and only one is a Nurse job, and the librarya and the store are pitiful as far as pay goes...BUT I want to send 6-6 to college....Sooooooo I gotta do what I gotta do- ya Know ? and he is putting off college for a year to help....BUT I get up each and every day and say "It's going to be better"...if that makes me a naive is ALL I have got...I believe....

Hang in there .....

Fri Jan 09, 12:54:00 AM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Funny, Enigma. I'm sorry they left such a mess on their way out. The new china thing is kinda weird as well.

And I agree on the Pelosi, Reid, and Finestein thing as well. We need more Waxman and Kucinich. Accountability and realistic leadership. The GOP is nothing, at this point, but a group of childish, partisan cheerleaders playing a game of one upsmanship. Their sole goal is winning at any cost. They are not in the least bit patriotic, no matter how many flag lapel pins they wear.

Allie, I don't meen to poop on the Hope thing, but I see Obama leaning precariously to the right and it worries me. I'm concerned whether he has the fortitude to pull off any major changes - while hauling the baggage of 535 other bickering, partisan idiots - and sell them to the public at large. We'll see, and I've held off commenting much until he is actually in office - a job, BTW, I wouldn't wish on anyone at this point; it is a big mess. I am certainly glad to see the Bush Family go away forever, however.

And that is, I suppose, reason enough for Hope.

Kudos for you and 6-6. I wish someone had stressed the importance of education when I was a kid, instead of fueling a desire to flee adversity. A good home is an important thing... From what I can tell, you've done well.

Sat Jan 10, 03:43:00 AM  
Blogger Fran said...

This Cheney investment link was dated July '06. Hell back then (the good old days??) the Ntl dbet was only The US national debt now stands at $8.4 trillion dollars. Now it is $10,6 trillion & counting & frankly, I don't know if that even includes the money Chine loaned us the the illegal occupation???

I would have guessed Cheney has his funds nestled safely in Dubai - United Arab Emirates, or Switzerland, or some other protected place. Halliburton is moving it;s headquarters to UAE right? Then they will have achieved their perfect balance-- be US war profiteers without having to pay US taxes! It's Military Industrial Complex Nirvana for them.
Not a whole fricking lot we can do about it.

Insist Obama close the loophole & require any vendor charging the US huge sums of money must pay some kind of tax or duty. No bid contracts & gross overcharging should stop for Halliburton.

Sat Jan 10, 04:48:00 PM  
Blogger D.K. Raed said...

I know what I'd LIKE to do! But seeing as how I don't have the cash to invest like Dick Cheney, I will probably be looking at leftovers for the next few years. I notice that link was for his investments in 2006, counting on the dollar dropping (check!), but interest rates rising (nope, not yet, but now that the fed is down to 0%, they can't go any lower). I once made the mistake of looking at one of Cheney's tax returns & saw the $million advance Lynn got for her book. Gaaah! I would sooner put out my eyes than read whatever came out of her mind. I mean, the woman sleeps with Dick Cheney! 'nuff said.

ps, I see you at Enigma's, so thought I'd drop by.

pps, Linger Longer sounds like a professional stripper's name!

Sat Jan 10, 09:32:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, the Cheney investment link is old, but was at hand. And yes, Halliburton made plans to move their headquarters to Dubai a couple of years ago where, coincidentally enough, they don't recognize extradition to the US and have no pesky US taxes either. Hmm... Makes you wonder what they were thinking. Traitors. If I were Obama, I'd solve a portion of the US deficit with a thorough review of the accounts with Blackwater, Halliburton, Bechtel, Carlyle, et al. We should be able to recover much in the way of missing funds - plus punative fines. War should never be a profit making business with insider connections - or we will always be at war. Axis of Evil indeed.

D.K, Welcome to you as well. I've already plodded through a few of Woodwards "Sell the War" and "Bush is a Genius" books - what a freaking sycophant. (They were "gifts" from the plethora of well meaning but delusional right-wingers who live here.) I wouldn't make it through page one of a Cheney tome - except as toilet paper in a pinch. As for Linger Longer, yes it does sound like a stripper's moniker - or a penis/sex enhancement creme. Alas, they are but another group of crooked GOP cronies feeding on the ignorant and helpless. We're saturated with 'em down here in Dixie. Gee, Thanks KKKarl. The GOP busted my bank account years ago, so I Feel Your Pain(tm).

Take Care!

Sun Jan 11, 11:28:00 AM  

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