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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sacred Cows

Meet State Senator John Carl Harrison - a low-life piece of GOP trash from Smyrna, GA, and the proprietor of Harrison Glass on Atlanta Rd. He is dead now, ostensibly from a heart attack brought on from his sordid involvement with a cover up concerning his pal Richard H. Still, Jr., the Nixon era ex-assistant US District Attorney turned $500,000 a year Cobb school board attorney, pictured below, and his idiot, illiterate, redneck serial arsonist son. They are but a small part of the criminal GOP types that invaded Cobb County GA back in the 60s/70s.

Every time some contemptible politico such as this drops over dead, his enablers line up to wax poetically of their alleged virtues. In reality however, the objects of their affection seldom measure up to the praise - save for the favors they have passed along to their sycophants.

And one thing you can always count on is the old standby line, "But he cared so much for the children." Resembling nothing more than a quivering lipped Sally Struthers in a bad informercial begging for contributions to a corrupt charity, they know that no one is inclined to complain about what may have been done "for the children" - although in reality it was likely nothing at all.

As well, the lip service given to principles such as freedom, justice, honor and moral integrity I find to be nothing but vacuous window dressing intended to conceal the true motivation behind their mortal impetus - greed and self-interest.

It was never my intention to involve certain individuals in a civil law suit against the ousted county school board attorney and his serial arsonist son - a civil action which resulted in a rampage of arsons, cover-ups and collusion. I was not even particularly aware of his involvement, but knew him only as a guy from whom I bought windshield installation kits from 10 years previous. But since my alleged two-faced "friends" insisted on defending the malicious actions of the attorney and his illiterate son by mentioning the schools and parks named after him - public works which turned out to be named, not after the attorney, but his dead state Senator relation - they first opened the door. Birds of a feather and all...

Even after a 5 year civil suit which I was condemned to lose from the outset due to corruption within the judicial and political community, although reason, logic, and legal precedent favored its success, I never once mentioned his name. But after surviving a veritable tsunami of oppressive threats, homicide attempts, lies, treacheries, deceptions, and otherwise being molded into a complete misanthrope, I now feel the need, the absolute obligation, to expose this hollow sham for what it is.

Which brings us to this:
This is Harrison High school, located in a particularly numb section of West Cobb County, Georgia. Named after the late Republican Senator John Carl Harrison, it is the result of a legion of sycophants who wished to honor the name of a man who helped them achieve their personal fortunes on the backs of taxpayers. Cronyism, overpriced school board attorneys, subversion of the courts to protect asocial criminals, stuffing the school board with unsavory friends, insurance fraud, avaricious ambulance services, military industrial favoritism, industrial parks, and storage warehouse facilities were his claims to fame - that and rushing through last minute legislation to assist in obtaining a doner heart to replace his own failed and blackened heart. I suppose Karma extracts its own price for collusion and destructive manipulation of a private citizen's jobs, life, and legal endeavours. While many of the thieves and low-lifes on the school board were subsequently run out of town, many still remain, and some were vaulted to higher positions of power within the state, including the Supreme Court.

As far as I'm concerned, the lot of these crooked bastards should drop dead, including the legions of two faced sycophants such as lawyer Edwin Marger, the tools Steven Marks and the master of insurance fraud Sam Parker, ex-lawyer Laurie Davis, lawyer Herbert Rivers and his hooker/spy Arlene Einhorn, lawyer Emory C. Clark, the bulk of the Cobb judicial circuit and Bar Association, and several governors of the filthy, white trash state of Georgia. These bastards owe me a house, the tools of two professions, 22 years of my life and the income lost due to their acts of arson and interference in my life subsequent. Still's skanky, lying, psychotic freak of a daughter and his trampy cougar wife, both of which now live in Port Charlotte, FL may blow me (again) as well. Get the hell out of my adopted state, you filthy scumbags - I want out of this ignorant, inbred state and I want to go home. No one invited you to follow me to Florida - JUST LEAVE. And don't you EVER show up in front of my residence with your idiot spawn again, you worthless husks of human garbage.


Blogger Vox Populi said...

Whoa. This is almost unbelievable but I am in the unfortunate position of believing you. Ain't it great?


Sat Mar 17, 11:14:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Thanks, VP. There is so much more to the story as well. People who become rich riding the backs of taxpayers are apparently rich in hypocricy as well. Remember to clean house in your next election.

Mon Mar 19, 04:19:00 PM  

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