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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Forcing the Hand of God

Lunatic authoritarian eschatologists are being led by legions of snake-oil salesmen who prey upon their callow, misguided visions for the future. These recent end-timer prophets, as well as the centuries of apocalyptic promoters before them, believe they have a say in the outcome of the universe; that they can, by force of will, incite the realization of The Revelations - and make a buck in the process. Arrogant, nescient minds whose core beliefs are tantamount to the flea believing it can determine the dog's ultimate destination.

Even more mystifying is their inherent belief that in this eventual good vs. evil altercation, they are destined to represent God's chosen people - all the while promoting agendas which mark them more and more as the beast they contemn. Look around, closer, closer... anything look familiar? Xenophobia, war mongering, rampant hypocrisy and piety among those who proclaim their alleged faith the loudest, adulterous, corrupt leaders who defraud the populace en masse via bribery and corporate profiteering, usury, avarice, extortionate physicians, vanity, gluttony, human branding, ignorance of evil, and the inability to discern between virtue and guile.

What pseudo-Jesus did they learn these subverted lessons from?

The Doomsday Code - Google Video


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