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Saturday, April 14, 2012

First, God Made Idiots

In March of 2009 I went to Florida for a vacation.

Some vacation.

Due to events which transpired there, I stopped blogging, reading, watching the news, and haven't gone more than 5 miles from my residence in over 3 years.

Oh, yeah, and I had a heart attack.

Or so the klowns at the hospital insisted as they behaved like a bunch of used car salesmen hawking a car with bad paint, sawdust in the transmission, and a motor filled with STP as they tried to sell some high-profit, medieval, medically questionable procedure that I refused - but they did anyway by shoving an anesthetic mask over my face while I screamed, "No!" More on that later, but for a glimpse of why, read the previous post, "Grinding Your Bones To Make Their Bread."

The stress from what appears to be a targeted, ongoing, and collusive criminal conspiracy involving individuals in the government, judiciary, and just about any thieving asshole that shows up for the latest contract hit for hire is directly responsible for my health, or lack thereof. And don't think for a minute that the FBI or any other policing organization in what's left of this pathetic excuse for a democratic republic is your friend, because they are not. More on that later as well.

In light of the recent events concerning Trayvon Martin, I've got a little story to relate. The first day this story was picked up by the media, I processed the audio myself in order to clarify what was jokingly referred to as "the best audio lab in the news business" on CNN, and could clearly hear the racist comment "Fucking Coons" therein, as well as what appears to be Zimmerman exiting his vehicle, loading a magazine into his weapon, chambering a shell, and hoofing it to stalk Trayvon Martin. It also sounds to me as though he is slightly intoxicated; but since no one bothered to perform a blood test on Zimmerman, although doing so on the corpse of Trayvon Martin, I suppose we'll never really know. The first thing I thought of when I saw the way this was being handled was that I seen all of this before - up close and personal. I commented via email to a friend about this and performed an Internet search for a lawyer, politician, or judge named Zimmerman, both in FL and VA. Couldn't confirm or deny whether Robert Zimmerman was related so let it rest a couple of days. Then, as you well know, the other shoe dropped. The reason this is relevant is that I have lived through a similar experience with the charlatans of the judicial system in Georgia and Florida myself. Self-entitled, powerful people shoveling the misdeeds of their miscreant children under the rug while profiteering, punishing, and using as a pawn in some demented political power play the actual victims of crime.

Now we're going to talk about school boards. You know, those people who are supposed to be responsible for teaching your neglected, ill-behaved children about history, science, math, literacy and being a good citizen. Included in there somewhere amongst the civics and history classes used to be information about agitprop and how to recognize and deal with it. But instead, school boards have become the fetid shit-bucket where all the ladder climbing cronies and con-men are placed who don't possess the hair and skin to run for public office but are still willing to thieve and cheat their way to financial gain in the name of the cause. The cause being, of course, their profit at your expense. Gaming the system to their advantage on an uneven playing field, tilted by and for those who are so consumed by avarice that all else pales in comparison; including the rearing of their own asocial, entitled-by-birth offspring. And when they are caught with their hands in the till, or the pie on their face, they are shuffled around into a new slot, in a new state, and a different school board. And all is forgiven. Just as the Catholic Church does when they catch some pedophile with his cock up a child's ass.

Mark Twain almost had it right when he quipped, "First, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards."

Twain's mistake was that they aren't idiots (well, they are but that's irrelevant), but leeches. Talentless, thieving, useless, blood-sucking leeches that are doing their damnedest to destroy what is left of what is laughingly referred to as public education.

23 years ago I ran into a bunch of these "school board people". I was at work minding my own business when the wife of one of the aforementioned cronies showed up and began a train of events that would destroy my life. And theirs. And their idiot children's. Through arrogance, ignorance, treachery, and collusion. And for 23 years, every time I stir the pot of corruption, they rear their ugly heads and do it again. And again. And again.

As vividly exposed in Glenn Greenwald's recently released book, "With Liberty and Justice for Some", everything you have been repeatedly told about America being the home of the Free and Equitable is a damned freaking lie. Greenwald's book exposes 'America’s two-tiered system of justice, which vests political and financial elites with immunity even for egregious crimes while subjecting ordinary Americans to the world’s largest and most merciless penal state.' And this is why George Zimmerman was not charged with murder that day, not because there was any question of his guilt, but because of the phone calls made by his judge father. Been there, seen that, got what's left of the T-shirt.

And don't believe for a minute that any of the cable TV news outlets are any better. Not CNN, not ABC, not MSNBC, and certainly not Faux. They may occasionally and endlessly fixate on some outrageous story once it has broken through the barrier they attempt to conceal their injustices behind, but just beneath that veneer is The Matrix. They are part and parcel of the "elites" which cover only that which is inevitable, or profitable, in reporting. They occasionally kick sand at one another when things get too far out of hand and presents risk of exposure to their deceptions, but it is far above and out of sight of you mere mortals. You see, they are the smart ones, the wise ones, the molders of destiny. In their own minds, anyway. From what I've seen, they are simply a stinking pile of self-entitled thieves and low-lives who profit handsomely through chicanery and deceit at the taxpayer's great expense.

And the proletariat foots the bill through ever rising tax burdens, worsening educations, and explosive expansion of privatized prisons when it all goes awry. You can't blame them for taking advantage of the situation, I suppose, as this country seems to be primarily comprised of self-defeating marionettes. Idiots who cannot see that they are being divided by two parties that are essentially two sides of the same stinking coin. Idiots who are ripe for the fleecing. Idiots who would rather argue Red vs. Blue than to seek realistic solutions. Idiots who treat every issue as a high-school football game. Idiots who watch hours of TV wherein head shots and violence are depicted in ever increasing detail and frequency. Idiots who worship feigned piety and dump billions of dollars into the tax exempt coffers of corrupt religious leaders. Idiots who wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit them square in the ass. Twain confused leeches with idiots yet neglected to mention the unending supply of both.

Remember when the "Evil, Islamofascist, Muslim Sleeper Agent", Barack Obama, was elected and the right went bat-shit crazy screaming that he was after all the guns? I went to a gun store in a wholly corrupt "little redneck town on the outskirts of bustling Atlanta", the headquarters of Glock, and the shelves were literally empty; in a huge gun store the size of an old WalMart. They didn't even have a box of shells for the .38 police revolver I owned. Another example of the marionettes being fleeced and continually "operated" by wholly corrupt interests and are too stupid, too racist, too damned desirous of random violence to see it. So instead of educating themselves they spend their kids food money stocking up on guns and ammo. Cripes, I hate this stupid freaking place.

And for some reason, I appear to be a lightning rod for crooked school boards. (Is there any other kind?) Which is rather ironic considering how important I consider education to be, and how I regret not having the money, time, or health to pursue advanced degrees in everything from engineering, programming, botany, law, biology, chemistry, and whatever else peaks my interest . So I go it alone; and with a pile of books and determination I've filled in enough of the empty spots to have successfully written crypto-software for the DOD, designed eco-friendly embedded controller timer modules, skip-matrix network field irrigation sensors, and so on. I have no wife, no family, no social life, but what the hell; I got to live in the state which has been determined to be the most corrupt state in the nation - Georgia. And if not for the corrupt players of Georgia's Judicial System, I would have formally kicked the ass of some white trash Assistant US Attorney from Emory University and his lying, idiot, nearly illiterate, serial arsonist son. And seriously, 1.9 million dollars for a cushy little school board job? From what I've seen, he just wasn't that good; but I guess you don't have to be when the whole system is rigged. And BTW, Tandy, who considers him a rude SOB, wants their money for that computer - with interest. Freaking Scumbag Lawyers.

But back to the idiots, oops - I mean leeches, of the school boards...

After my little dust-up with the 'entitled' garbage of Cobb County and the corrupt judicial system they were part of, the entire school board was dismantled and run off. Several of the players involved went on to bigger and better things. One of these, Tocco, the superintendent of Cobb Schools, was run out of town and ended up superintendent of Ft. Worth, Texas schools while his kid was extorting the citizens of Clearwater, FL. Imagine that, both Bush Republican-lands. He was dumped from there a few years later due to hiding fraudulent contracts and shadowy involvement with 7 counts of bribery, and fraud concerning, in my and many other's opinion, some grossly overpriced garbage software/hardware computer learning platform from JRL Enterprises, which is the graft that caught Louisiana's Representative William Jefferson with the infamous $90,000 of cold cash in his freezer back in 2006. Dumped from Ft. Worth he headed towards Louisiana, but was stopped cold and what appears to be a decent guy got the job instead. I'm sure the people of Caddo Parish, Shreveport, LA are quite happy about that, and if not, they should be.

But evil never sleeps, and it seems my little trip to Florida in 2009 revealed yet another crop of thieving school board cronies, friends of Jeb Bush, fraudsters, and arsonist tools. As mentioned in my next to last post back in 2009, when I arrived in Key West, family members of then Mayor Morgan McPherson came to the Holiday Inn I was having a drink at and proceeded to harass me about a variety of things. The next night, as I was in Durty Harry's, a fire broke out in American Royal Arts, consuming the entirety of the 'business'. The noise and crowds of Durty Harry's had drowned out the sounds of at least four fire engine companies from the Key West Fire Department, Naval Air Station Key West, Monroe County and Key West International Airport who responded to a fire that destroyed the $4 million building at 512 Duval St. and its contents. Apparently, half the country heard of this and thought that Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville had burned to the ground. When it turned out not to be, the public lost interest and went on to their next idiotic obsession.

I didn't hear about it until about noon the next day. As I was going though some of the trinket shops along Duval, somewhat past Vera Bradly's, some woman pointed it out and my first thought, being somewhat of an engineer type and never having seen the aftermath of a fire in such a dwelling, was that it was shocking how the fire had consumed the entirety of one "bowling alley" storefront, but the shops on each side were relatively unscathed. Wow, a firewall that actually worked. A few seconds later, however, my second thought was, OMG. Paranoid, possibly, but there was a stench about it all, and it wasn't that of burning counterfeit "collectibles". You would have had to be there, I suppose, for the entire trip to understand the abject fear I felt at that point.

And now I know why I had people spouting fire escape routes in a DoubleTree in Naples, slamming doors, and poking at me like a piece of moldy cheese in the back of the refrigerator all the way up the West Coast of FL. I couldn't even get a motel room even though their "vacancy" signs were illuminated. I looked up the event when I got home but the Key West articles from 2009 didn't mention was that there were several of these places over the state of FL.

And I had a freaking heart attack over a bunch of damned con-men.

Now here is where it gets really good, and where you can see the 'elites' favouring, then kicking sand at one another...

Less than a month after that incident, Jerry Gladstone of American Royal Arts began to receive free adds in the form of fluff news bits on various TV shows and media in S. Florida, USA Today, and on CNBC's Power Lunch (click for video in new window). Apparently submitted an insurance claim for approximately a million dollars of losses over the mysterious, unexplained fire even though no documentation on the contents. Then the shit hit the fan - law suits, claims of fraud from customers, more law suits, and then


Disney put out a hit piece on their owned ABC network show Inside Edition (click for video in new window) that pretty much put him and his ilk out of business.

You see, you can buy off the media, the FBI, the cops, the politicians, and the judges, but you don't mess with Disney's cash flow by ripping off one of their 'artists.' He was selling counterfeit Miley Cyrus signed guitars and other such stuff. Watch the video, it's short and an eye opener if you're not familiar with the "collectibles" racket. Check out the fancy graphics, the orchestra hits, the bold innuendo.

Disney spokesman, "Fuck the lawyers, we own the media and we'll grind your sorry, thieving ass under our heel." *[1]

Everyone high up has scrubbed their sites of the videos and the puff news articles, including CNBC, but being a resourceful fellow, I located two of the puff piece videos from S. Florida and CNBC and all the print media.

The FBI eventually raided Gladstone's stores and confiscated his counterfeit goods, but not a trace of prosecution for anything, including interstate and international fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, conspiracy, arson or collusion. He's simply opened up several other businesses using different names and is still walking around free with a pocket full of stolen money. Some newly created "Global Liquidation" firm even tried to buy the business to bail him out before it all ended up in a Trustee's hands.

Curiously, his lawyers hail from Bracewell & Giuliani, Rudi Giuliani's plutocratic right-wing law firm in New York/Houston/etc.

Ain't it great to be a tool?

But wait, it gets better...

Less than a week before I got to Key West, the wife of Randy Acevedo, the school board superintendent of the Monroe County School District, is caught dipping into the school funds, including the freaking bake-off funds. In 2010, Monique Acevedo plead guilty to six felony counts for stealing $413,000 from the Monroe County School District. She channeled her best Rush Limbaugh by blaming her years of criminal actions on an undetected bipolar disorder made worse by an addiction to oxycodone. Judge Jones sentenced Acevedo to eight years in prison, followed by 22 years of probation. He also ordered her to pay restitution for the entire $413,012.43 she stole while her husband, Randy Acevedo, was the county's elected Schools Superintendent. Randy Acevedo was also convicted for aiding and abetting the theft. Their bestest friend and fellow church member Mayor Morgan McPherson was ousted as well and replaced with the local NAPA auto parts store owner. McPherson then made a bid for the Florida State House but now seems to have vanished from the political scene.

You might see a few more burnt offerings in the form of low-level prosecutions and then everything will be bright and shiny in the public's mind and the rest of these thieves will continue on - business as usual.

Ever wonder why George and Jeb have barely made a peep in months and yet we get the senile old man in his mauve socks?

This stunk when I left Key West, and it stinks even worse now.

This country is being controlled by a corrupt morass of deceitful, thieving profiteers.

Welcome to the World's Most Sophisticated Banana Republic.

[1] - Disney and its representatives did not publicly endorse this actual statement.


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