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Friday, August 08, 2008

Usury Firms -- Mobsters By Any Other Name

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99.25% APR. Make sure and call these parasites next time gas, food, and well... everything goes up and your meager, service industry paycheck won't cover the bill.

Georgia -- republican moneychanger friendly; citizens, not so much.

And then there is the private probation industry.

Middle Georgia, along with the rest of the state's private probation industry, owes much of its business to Bobby Whitworth, who was Georgia's commissioner of corrections until 1993, when a sex-abuse scandal involving female inmates forced him out. Gov. Zell Miller promptly reassigned him to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, which positioned him nicely for a side job consulting with a private probation company called Detention Management Services. Three years later, in December 2003, a jury found Whitworth guilty of public corruption for accepting $75,000 from the company to draft and lobby for legislation that dramatically expanded the role of private probation companies. Whitworth was sent to prison for six months, but the law remains on the books, and the private probation industry led by Georgia's two most powerful Republican lobbyists has lobbied to be given felony cases as well. That plan has run into opposition from law enforcement: One sheriff told lawmakers last year that among his peers, private probation was seen mostly "as a moneymaking fee-collection service." Another said there is generally "not a lot of emphasis on supervision as much as there is on collection."

Corrupt State full of Ignorant Politicians...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


UPDATE: 08/08/08
(How many times will I ever type that date again...)

Doing what, you might wonder? The first predicted dry spell of the summer -- and this is the task underway:

Click for Larger ViewRotten wood roof decking, trapezoidal roof planes, no drip edging, huge gaps between the facia and roof decking, a pathetic, leaky plastic bubble jokingly referred to as a "sunroof", installation of sistered rafters, squirrel and wasp nests in the eaves, and exceedingly poor original construction quality makes this McHouse a real treat to work on.
Click for Larger ViewIt is a loooong way down -- about 45 feet from the highest point.
Click for Larger ViewSome progress is being made -- but will I finish before the thunderstorms? If the 101 degree heat, scorching sun, and mosquitoes don't kill me first, I might...
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About a third done -- much shingle trimming and step flashing to fit for sunroof and plumbing vents. Should fly once past these obstructions.
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More as additional progress is made...

Friday, August 01, 2008

An Election Time Reminder

Election time is coming and I appeal to voters to consider any alternative to re-electing P. Harris Hines to the bench of the GA State Supreme Court this fall. Although the story below was written last year, I am bumping it to the top to remind readers that they are not electing a just arbiter when voting for this corrupt, criminally complicit legal hack. Providing cover for a perfidious, yet failed, white-trash Nixon-era assistant US District Attorney / Cobb school board attorney and his serial arsonist son, a meddling woman and her alcoholic, delinquent daughter, a crony right-wing Senator and his military consultant pal, their combined interference with a man's employment, home sale, bankruptcy and attorney, and the US Labor Department to the point that he is left penniless and destroyed is not in any way within the definition of public service. Nor is watching as the local legal bar members act in concert as they vie for republican favors, including their own little piece of the bench - apparently any bench down to and including the local county magistrate's. Apparently, the judicial circuits of this country have become the place to pay for political favors as there is virtually no oversight and little to no public interest in who is elected or appointed to these positions. This behaviour spans the gamut - from your local county to the US District Courts. (Does the name Gonzolas ring a bell..) As well, concealing serious public safety issues and endangering personnel in the US Navy, as did the recruiter who ignored outstanding felony - fugitive - arson indictments, considering obviously perjured ex-parte testimony from involved parties to a case, and then allowing witness intimidation, threats, and ultimately, more acts of arson to occur unpunished is hardly appropriate behavior for someone who holds the highest Judicial seat in this exceedingly foul and corrupt state. Which is, most likely, how this crooked SOB ended up on the bench in the first place.

As for the perfidious maggot attorney he provided cover for, his daughter requested I kill him, his wife left him after a "coincidental" fire destroyed my workplace, money and possessions, and the local right wing paper turned against him with repeated front page stories that never quite hit the real target. I moved to Florida to escape the lot of this human trash, and damned if they didn't follow me there, forcing me to move yet again. As well, I certainly didn't request their underhanded sort of "help", and didn't deserve the eventual outcome of their sordid involvement. And if ownership of a toy, plastic rifle that shoots yellow, rubber balls used to knock squirrels off a birdfeeder is a crime, then I'm living in the wrong country. And after the chaos that NeoCon associates Gingrich, Bush and Rove, et al. have perpetuated on this country, I doubly certain of it. We are being rules by Idiots, Thieves and Liars.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I resent being followed by some pathetic excuse for a private investigator, I don't like people messing with my employers, I don't appreciate losing the tools of two professions, equipment, furniture, cash, and everything else I worked for my whole life at the hands of a bunch of arrogant, redneck, Cobb County white trash. I find it unacceptable that a "lawyer" sworn to ethical constraints would swear out false police reports claiming my refusal to leave his office when the total verbal exchange consisted of two sentences and less than 15 seconds, whereupon I left of my own free will. Further, I find it unacceptable that this same little "man" would then utilize his position within the local legal and political circles to fabricate outright lies and deceptions, show up at bond hearings of his own volition (and that the judges and DA involved actually LET him) howling fabricated tales of "bombs in his cars" and unsubstantiated, postdated claims of harrassment in his obviously fraudulent attempt to divert fire investigator's attention away from his own demented spawn. I don't care for my ex-friends being bought off with underhanded real estate deals, cushy jobs, and involved in pathetic ploys to divert me from obtaining real justice and compensation. I take great exception to repeated attempts on my life on the highways of Florida. And I certainly don't appreciate having my name bandied about Atlanta legal circles as being "crazy", or having once sincere but misguided thoughts waved about a courtroom and made to sound criminal by... well... a bunch of recreant criminals. I cannot believe that this cowardly little "man" who supposedly earned a bar card and a half-mil a year job at the public's expense does not understand sarcasm, would not bother to have a 10 minute conversation in lieu of spies and creepy, backhanded meddling, and doesn't understand the concept of Counterintelligence. After all, his twisted daughter was certainly disposed to performing various sex acts and generally causing trouble while presenting the false scenario of being an abused waif. That this walking douchbag would obsess over a bogus speeding ticket while his warped children of privilege wreak havoc across the county is a pretty arrogant and simple minded attitude. Particularly when they shoved that pop-tart in my face and harassed me -- at work -- in the first place to "take her out and fuck her, her boyfriend is weird." It's looking like Mr. Barnes wasn't the weird one after all. They haven't gotten nearly what they deserve, and I'm not through with the lot of them yet - we've only gotten started on the remaining trash of the Cobb Bar Circuit. Flight to South Carolina isn't nearly far enough away for my taste -- unless it is for an extended stay in a prison cell. And I certainly didn't want the human debris I moved to Florida to escape to subsequently follow me there. Ironically, the same refuse I was so vividly accused of "harassing" in the first place. The only thing I want from these crooks and liars is my life back. Since that cannot happen unless they have mastered the unlikely science of temporal displacement, and the state's legal system is corrupt, my only recourse is to extract public vengeance.

This all began when I sat at work and watched a man beg for 30 minutes to be paid for a BMW automobile that was burned while loaned to the daughter of Richard H. Still, Jr., the Cobb County, GA school board attorney. The attitude of these "pillars of the community" was a smirk and a "kiss my ass -- good luck collecting" attitude. Needless to say, to the best of my knowledge, Jack never collected his due. Incidentally, the car was intentionally burned by holding a flame under the dashboard. This isn't hearsay or conjecture -- I personally inspected the car after their claims of "electrical problems". There was no electrical problem, unless you consider the defective brain wiring of his retarded 21 year old son to be electrical in nature. It was clearly and absolutely arson. Even though I tried to talk to these arrogant idiots and warn them that something was amiss with several of their kids, two weeks later I found myself in jail for, you guessed it, arson. Notwithstanding the 10 or so OTHER arsons that occurred wherever this man's son worked or lived.

So remember, a vote for P. Harris Hines is a vote for cronyism, Good Old Boy Politics and abject corruption.

View the list of Hines 2008 election contributors and benefactees.