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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I have no way to judge traffic at blogs other than by the number of comments, but in the spirit of the theme I'll throw a few links out there for Blogroll Amnesty Day. Contained hereinafter is a tasty smorgasbord of progressive mental treats.
H/T to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Blue Gal.

Captain Plaid -Progressivism meets an ornery Scot
A plethora of well done, factual writing and materials in the archives, although no updates since December. A lawyer, teacher, political activist, and now enlisted in the Army at 42 - a reasonable, snarky, progressive voice from Alabama. I would recommend perusing some of the past articles related to education.

Only in New Mexico
Jim Baca served as the Director of the National Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior in the first Clinton Administration and presents his insight into various local and national issues. Conservation and environment oriented.

The Field Negro
A Killadelphia, PA lawyer who doesn't need my link, but an interesting read for those interested in the various plights of northern cities.

Watergate Summer
An old friend from the early C&L days, the hardest working nurse in blogging and a girl next door sweetheart to boot.

The Belgravia Dispatch
A NYC blogger working in the financial services biz offers well written, astute opinions on US Foreign Relations.

Welcome Back to Pottersville
Long time MA blogger who flogs the mainstream with satirical whips of words.

Welcome to Pottersville 2
A genuinely charming Southern blogger once a part of Welcome To Pottersville, now primarily dedicated to financial commentary.

BlueHerald - News You Can Abuse
A small but active South Florida Blog representing a variety of voices.

Dirty Hippy Lawyer
Just like the name says...

Eye On Miami
A team of Miami area bloggers who take time out from paradise to lambast South Florida's Banana Republic.

One of only two bloggers I know from North Atlanta, Georgia who isn't a frothing, right-wing cretin. Food safety, gardening, and general political anxiety.

Somewhere in NJ
Primarily a non-political NJ blogger, social worker, bird watcher, and animal lover.

Pure Florida
Primarily a non-political FL blogger, teacher, nature freak, and all around Florida Cracker.

Come get me mothership, I'm through.


Anonymous lawguy1946 said...

Thanks I must do the same -- nice little place you have here.

Thu Feb 05, 02:38:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Nymshifting, eh? ;-)
Thanks, although I'm not quite sure what "the same" is. If you're speaking of B.A.D., it's a tradition started by bloggers listed up top. An alternative to blogwhoring I suppose...

And welcome to my single-wide trailer parked on the edge of the blogosphere. Don't mind the skeletons out back, nor the shrieks of the living corpses which emanate from the local capitol, courthouse and bar associations.

Sun Feb 08, 12:16:00 AM  

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