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Monday, September 17, 2007

Dear Blogger

Apparently the malignant wallow of criminals, cronies and sycophants of the Cobb Bar ran across this Blog and a spokesman chose to comment back in April. Seems they object to the public airing of their involvement in many immoral and even criminal activities. Hell, I can't even go out and have a beer without some whining secretary from Greene and Davis - Oh, wait, scratch the Davis part, he got tossed - complaining about my big mouth. While omitting the identity of the individual, I feel the need to address this interjection. Aside from the overtly counterfeit tone of concern, a smattering of subverted religion, and the use of the guilty criminal player's names in the familiar, I will now address their real concern, which is further public exposure of their little circle jerk of corruption. Amongst the various other infos, including a brief run down on the location of the various deranged family members involved, was the suggestion that God had punished them enough, and that I should leave them be.

Sorry, can't do that, Dude. These assbuckets should have been human enough to admit their infractions, now they can suffer the consequences. And that collection of crony asshats you are a member of, otherwise known as the Cobb Bar, can shove it where the sun don't shine. Collusive Pricks All. Rozen, Rivers, Still, Davis, Flournoy, the list goes on and on... But you offer interesting advice, perhaps your buddies, including Still, et al., should have taken it in 1987. Instead of harassing me at work, first by imploring that "my daughter likes wild boys and we can't do anything with her". Or then making the tard I worked with hire her so that they could then harass me on a daily basis, at work, to "take her out and fuck her" because they didn't like the particular idiot she chose to date. Having full beer cans thrown at you by a half-dressed sociopath while you are trying to eat lunch is not what I call a particularly professional work environment. Especially considering I had begged to be left alone concerning the tawdry invader. But it persisted on and on...

In fact, the only places that have called a turnip a turnip in the past 20 years are the folks in Wisconsin and Minnesota, where the local elected officials seem interested in engaging in conversations about the crooked ass politicos in the South. I hear ya, dudes.

My surprise reader also hopes that I have learned something from the experience. You bet I have! Never trust anyone, especially a Lawyer. Never listen to the yammerings of a woman concerning her delinquent daughters. Never allow concern for another's well being affect your own. Never work for anyone but yourself. Never trust a person's involvent in your affairs as being in your best interest, because they aren't. Never trust a politician or those with aspirations. Never try to tell a white trash Georgian that their famility is comprised of arsonists and addicted idiots. And most importantly, never trust a Lawyer.

Finally, I will address my reader's closing comment that "Jesus went about doing good and look where it got Him." Yes, let's look at Jesus's story, and the rewards his selfless involvement gleaned - It got him nailed to a cross by a bunch of ignorant Philistines, paraded across town, tortured, and left to die in the desert sun. I even think there may have been a demented, treacherous woman involved in there somewhere - or was that Sampson... Thanks, Dude, but I'll pass. God helps those who stand against evil and help themselves. And I can't do the latter till I finish the former. Are they repentant? Have they made amends? Hardly! They remain the same arrogant, manipulative, avaricious assholes they always were and always will be. And it's gonna be a nasty job cleaning the remainder of this crap out of office. Further, they've made their fortunes off the backs of the taxpayers not be being Capitalists, but by emulating classic mobster strongarm techniques.

So you guys can either waste your time expounding more of your feigned religious beliefs, or be men for a change. Hell, everyone already knows the truth, you might as well own up to it. Needless to say, I already know which route you chicken-shit legal frauds will choose. As for the plethora of morally bankrupt Churches who seem intent on protecting this garbage from exposure, you throw dirt to unbury yourself from the pile you've been smothered by.

The state of the Judiciary in this country is an appalling mass of ladder climbing cronies.

The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L)


Dr. Know