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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Speaker of the House of Representatives
Dennis Hastert under investigation by the FBI?

I trow thee doth protest too much...

As if the past two months of indictments weren't convincing enough evidence that this crumbling legacy of corruption known as the modern day Republican party is utterly imploding, we have this speculative developing story from ABC News:
Hastert "In the Mix" of Congressional Bribery Investigation.
And today, ABC's report on Hastert and the Abramoff Scandal

Hastert has been an outspoken critic of the FBI since its raid on the office of Democrat William Jefferson of Louisiana. While it seems to be perfectly permissible to spy on the citizenry, these folks seem to think they deserve a second set of laws tailored just for them. When reflecting on the implication of containers containing $90,000 in cold cash found stashed in a freezer, reputedly consisting at least partially of marked bills which connect to an FBI sting operation, these guys as a whole are masters of bald-faced hypocrisy.

Yup, they're doing one hell of a job - on BOTH sides of the fence.

Watch this clip of CNN's The Cafferty Files as he rants about the double standards of public office vs. private citizens.

It does seem (for the moment) that this problem is somewhat bipartisan and that, as throughout the eon of humanity and its various ruling bodies, avarice is truly the beating heart of our modern day democracy. Until our methods of campaign and election are challenged and corrected, the growing abuses of money and power will continue unabated. Special interests are purchasing every aspect of our lives in the pursuit of ever increasing profit. The framers of the Constitution, while adept at predicting human nature, were not cognizant of the power to be wielded by modern communications or the ease by which they would be perveted. The merging and removal of distinctions between Journalism, Advertising and Propaganda is a worrisome blending to behold.

And now would seem that the reticent press has suddenly developed teeth. Perhaps the justified goading of the press by Colbert is to blame. ;-)

Naaah... They just $mell blood in the water$.


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