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Monday, February 23, 2009

GOP Mascots Run Wild

(Click image for larger version in new window.)
Actually, these unfortunate mascots for the GOP are not to blame. The GOP would have destroyed the hotel and horded all the mangoes for themselves, even if half of them rotted and went to waste, at least it would keep those pesky natives from getting any for themselves.

Builders constructed a lodge in the feeding path of a small group of elephants who now travel to their favorite mango patch through the lobby of the lodge which was built in 1998. Cool!

Wild elephants stroll through hotel reception

Monday, February 16, 2009

Buy American

60 Minutes 02/15/09: Lesley Stahl examines the "Buy American" clause in the stimulus package.

I felt the confrontational attitude towards the steel company CEO was inappropriate - reflecting the views of the "World Trade Order" brokers more than the suffering public who watch this program. To me, it sounded like thinly veiled agitprop being force-fed to the weary viewing audience.

If the US economy, and not just a thimbleful of companies like CAT (who vehemently oppose the Buy American clause), are so dependant on foreign trade that we cannot even consider "Buying American", why do we sport such monstrous trade deficits? Sure doesn’t look like China's buying much of anything from us, yet we are by far their largest consumer. Worse, according to the stats I've read, American owned factories account for 70% of the manufacturing base in China. American CEOs, en masse, have uprooted entire industries and barged them overseas where workers will work for a fraction of what US workers are paid. In return, our shores are saturated with imported products which are sold at the same price as previously US made goods, yet are of substantially poorer quality and represent nothing to the US economy save an ever increasing drain on jobs, erosion of the working class, and landfills full of broken crap. Then of course there are the higher, yet unsustainable, profit margins for the idiot Barons of Industry and their slobbering stockholders.

It's not as if potential buyers of heavy equipment will suddenly abandoned CAT in lieu of, oh say, Malaysian bulldozers. It's a fairly unique market with a handful of potential players. The world buys CAT equipment because of its reputation of serviceability - no country or world business leader is going to embrace an inferior product as retaliation - it's not good for the bottom line. And if "Free Trade" is all important, why did the departing Bush administration impart a 300% tariff increase on French Roquefort Cheese - other than as a petulant middle-digit extended towards the French over Iraq and their wholly justified desire to eat hormone free beef.

This exchange instilled a curiosity as to the attitude. A quick scan of the InterTubes with teh Googles revealed what I expected. My questions were: During CATs foreign trade "boom years", how much of its overseas sales were associated with "rebuilding Iraq" and other war efforts, and what is the political affiliation of CATs CEO. Inquiring minds and all…

FWIW, Here are two old D7s in Ramadi, Iraq.

The D9 is apparently more highly revered, at a cool million each - before battle upgrades.

Military D9 Applications

I'd be interested in seeing a breakdown of Chinese purchases vs. Iraq/Israel/et al. as well as how much CAT equipment ended up in burn pits along side SUVs and computer/office equipment due to fraudulent cost-plus contracts with GOP aligned firms such as Halliburton/KBR and Caterpillar.

CAT’s CEO James W. Owens, as I suspected:

Member of the Board of IBM (2006-)
Manufacturing Council
Bush-Cheney ‘04
George W. Bush for President
The Business Council
Business Roundtable
Council on Foreign Relations
Institute for International Economics
The Conference Board Global Advisory Council
John McCain 2008
National Republican Senatorial Committee
World Resources Institute
Not exactly antithetical to the drooling sycophants of the Rush Limbaugh party.

I could be wrong, but I believe I've just expended more effort into investigating the backgrounds of these media players than the administration did in vetting potential appointees.

But now you know the rest of the story…

Funny, yet depressingly accurate: Big Box Mart - JibJab
Listen carefully to the lyrics - if you dare.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Will Atone

You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won't have it!! Is that clear?! You think you've merely stopped a business deal. That is not the case. The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back! It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity! It is ecological balance! You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multi-national dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, Reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today! And YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature, and YOU WILL ATONE! Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale? You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state -- Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that perfect world in which there's no war or famine, oppression or brutality -- one vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.
Of course, some men will share more equally than others.


Biting satire in 1976 - wholly prescient in 2009.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

US Attorneys, GOP Style

US Attorney's Gone Wild!

Many of those in the general population still believe that there is justice to be had in the Courts of this country. Even those that have accepted that their local courts are often corrupt tend to believe that Federal level courts adhere to a higher standard of ethics. Unfortunately, they would be very, very wrong.

Years ago, I sued a Nixon era assistant US district attorney and his serial arsonist son. The obstruction and corruption I faced while pursuing this Emory Law school pettifogger bordered on the unbelievable, and crossed into the realm of criminal. Here is short list of some of the events that transpired during this time in their attempts to nip the case in the bud:

A supposed friend pointed me towards a local attorney who said he would file suit for false imprisonment, interference with employment, slander, libel, and malicious prosecution against a serial arsonist and his ex assistant US district attorney turned 1.9 million in 5 years school board attorney father. (As an aside, your school boards are not populated by people whose interests lie in the education of your children, but rather those who are preparing to climb the ladder of local politics and profit from cronyism.) This tool waited until 5 days before the statute of limitations expired before lazily notifying me, by mail, that he wouldn't pursue the case. This left me with little recourse but to file a complaint myself, pro se. As I left his office a fire had been set in front of my car, but the fire department was already on hand extinguishing it.

Someone, ostensibly another local attorney who turned out to have an old sign in the defendants outbuilding which was burned, sent a woman to spy on me, proclaiming that "We're gonna be friends for a long time." I ended up living in her "abandoned" apartment and she showed up once a month to collect the rent. She was supposedly a high priced call-girl - a Jewish call-girl, no less. She loved to show me her list of expenditures exclaiming that "This is what it takes to keep me in the style in which I am accustomed." Ha! If I wanted a whore, I would find one that I could pay to go away, not marry. I've never hired a hooker, and I certainly wouldn't marry one. I've had a hell of a lot prettier, saner, and more humane girlfriends than her skanky ass, and I wouldn't waste my time with the gold-digging likes of that. I have many hours of hidden camera surveillance of this lawyer-tool.

In the interim, however, I was suddenly offered a job at IBM, a job I had never solicited, nor had any desire for. The pay was insulting, and the people were tantamount to crowds of curiosity seekers and prodding asswipes. I knew what they were doing, as it was pretty hard to miss. As the expiration of the statue of limitations tolled closer, I used the lobby phone at IBM to call another attorney and was talked over by a guy on another phone loudly depicting my background and familiarity with technology to whomever was on the other end. I ignored him. Yet the day after I filed the civil complaint in the local Superior Court, they took my things from my office and dumped them in the security office and told me to "Eat shit and bark at the moon."

I went to the offices of Edwin Marger, who is now law partners with Bob Barr (Yes, THAT Bob Barr), and told him the story. He claimed to be retiring but gave me a copy of a civil complaint he had filed in another matter. I used this to model my original complaint against the defendants, as I had one day remaining. Marger, among a number of other slimy GA pettifoggers, never bothered to warn me who it was I was suing. I can only assume he thought it would be amusing to observe events unfold and confirm the utter corruption of the legal system he is part of. Also, he never retired and still practices law in Jasper, GA. Freaking asshole.

So I filed my Civil Complaint. The mailbox at the apartment I was living in (the Darlington Arms in Atlanta) was torn down and I was evicted by the alleged hooker a few days later. I got this clown's Motion for Dismissal out of the mailbox as it lay on the ground before being loaded into the back of a pickup and hauled away.

So I rented a mailbox right next to the defendant's at the Marietta post office. His wife showed up repeatedly as I retrieved my mail from this box, ostensibly in some flaccid attempt to talk me out of pursuing the suit. I didn't bother to speak as I passed within 6 inches of this breeder of heathens. They had ample opportunity to "talk" before the suit was filed, while I was in jail for an arson his son had committed, and even before their retarded kid set fire to his home and truck and then signed a perjured complaint accusing me of being on his property before the fires occurred. He lied, as did his attorney father in his twisted, bizarre attempts to accuse me of placing bombs in his cars and terrorism that never occurred. In fact, I had "relations" with his uncouth alcoholic daughter a number of times, and had numerous hour long conversations with his wife. His daughter had previously pleaded with me to "Marry me, you're a fool if you don't.", and "Kill my father and we'll run away with his money." - which I assumed would have been his life insurance proceeds. They acted and appeared to be typical middle-class GA cracker trash, and little did I realize who or what they were, or how much money this clown was bleeding from the county's coffers.

The judge that was assigned this case was also the defendant's fellow mid-60's Emory University graduate, along with a local hand surgeon, Newt Gingrich, and Tillie Fowler, Jacksonville's 4th district US representative. Motions for discovery and subpoenas were filed demanding the taking of depositions of the wife and daughter of the attorney. They never bothered to appear, and the judge refused to rule on any motions, or force their compliance. In fact, this arrogant little pussbag defendant refused to even appear at the first hearing, claiming that he had nothing further to say in the matter. I assume the previous bribes to drop the criminal indictments for 11 counts of arson were supposed to cover the civil case as well. Apparently he got his ass chewed out, as he damned sure showed up the next time, red faced and stammering.

A subpoenae ducas tecum was issued to the fire department, and after their deposition and submission of libelous letters and photos of the fires, the law firm representing the fire department was canned. Apparently they had mistakenly assumed that they were supposed to represent the law, not just connected GOP cronies.

I used the law library at Emory University to prepare my briefs and do legal research, not realizing that this was the right-wing breeding tank that all of these cretins had attended. I was threatened repeatedly by people at the school, one warning that "You had better leave this man alone or he will burn you a new asshole." My place of employment was burned to the ground days after the crony judge dismissed my civil case.

But about a week preceeding this a break in occurred at the same business and when I showed up to work one evening I was met by a shattered plate glass window and a bunch of Smyrna inbreds standing around. One of them says "Look what we found" and displays a glass cutter - a standard hardware store issue glass cutter. Like a fool, I touched the damned thing, and it is probably now enshrined in some evidence locker with my fingerprints on it. Notwithstanding the fact that only an idiot would try to cut a tempered plate glass window with a carbide wheel glass cutter. But it gets far worse.

I was living with a US Navy recruiter at the time, a friend of Cobb Chief Superior Court judge Robert Flournoy, and a girl from England. The girl had never expressed any interest in my close company until the Friday I received the unwarranted dismissal of my case. After asking what I planned to do, this person, who should have had no idea what I was even talking about, implored that "You'd better not do that, you foolish boy." She kept me away from work over the weekend (I usually went to work because of the abundance of military computers that I repaired) - the same weekend that the shop was burned to the ground, along with everything I owned. She then moved out and disappeared. Turns out that the building was owned by another local attorney and he had moved a bankrupt ex-doctor client (another Emory University graduate) into the building and was apparently intending to pull an insurance fraud scam. It all fell apart, and the doctor, the lawyer, and the school board attorney all vanished. Along with the school board superintendent. The entire school board was then dismantled.

I was left standing on the street with no income, no money, no personal possessions, no electronic test equipment, and just the clothes on my back - with the Smyrna police harassing me every time I went to work as we tried to rebuild the businesses that were destroyed.

But I filed my appeal in Appellate Court, against howling objections, and when doing so the clerk insisted that I not pay the filing fee. Right, like I'm fool enough to believe that wouldn't have rendered it null and void. And all the while, I had court deputies following me around with a hand on their service revolvers. Apparently my fabricated reputation of terrorism and mental derangement had preceded my visit. This went on all the way to the state Supreme Court.

Crooks and more crooks. Republican and Democrats. All operating in unison to destroy one man's life. Worse yet, this is just a small sampling of the shenanigans I had to put up during the fiasco.

Yet after all is said and done, after all the obfuscation, the threats, the treachery, what did they gain? The idiot serial arsonist kid is dead, the attorney's alcoholic daughter destroyed her own life, her children's and several of her subsequent male victims', the defendant attorney was left alone and jobless having moved to another city, the attorney owner of the building that burned dropped out of the practice of law, claiming that "He doesn't remember anything" while simultaneously screwing my friend out of $177,000, and his ex-doctor/arsonist client fled the country - all over pocket change. According to the wife of the SE Regional State Farm Insurance manager I talked with in South Florida, State Farm was apparently not amused. The crony Judge was promoted to the State Supreme court, along with the crony Appellate Court judge who supposedly review the case and denied the appeal - both at the same time by Zell Miller - after I moved to Florida. Makes one wonder why he acted the way he did during the Bush elections - skeletons, perhaps?

So I moved to Florida, riding around the state looking for a place to live that wasn't Jacksonville, South Georgia - rescuing stranded and broken down motorists and church buses from Minnesota while visiting zoos, wildlife parks, and beaches around the state. This effort was rewarded by wildly determined attempts to run me down on an isolated strip of I-95 in the middle of the night by a semi in Duval County, a load of concrete dumped on my windshield at 65MPH on J. Turner Butler Blvd, and some of the strangest running commentary known to man every time I went out for a beer. And even though I gave the tag number of the semi to the police and FBI, nothing was ever followed up. So I moved again, and again, and again - every time someone made a strange comment about an event they should have had no knowledge of, and not discovering until 2006 who any of these people were. And no, I'm not a "Good Republican" - there is no such animal.

The final straw in this parade of lunacy was when I returned from a trip to Atlanta to find the place I had worked at had been broken into, and the woods behind set on fire. The response from the players involved, which the fire department tried to keep me away from, was, "That's what you get for picking up a girl without a helmet." Aside from the fact that I had never done such a thing, that's a pretty stupid damned excuse for arson, fraud, etc. Even the local newspaper delivery woman had to offer her two cents when she commented that "You pissed off a bunch of crooked southern politicians." No shit! After a perilous trail of subsequent events too numerous to describe here, I moved to New Jersey.

This is your taxpayer funded court, legal, and political systems at work. There is an old bromide, "Old age and treachery beats youth and skill" - believe it! Another would be "Republicans are sub-human scum, and so are Dixiecrats."

More details with links to legal documentation here. Read it and weep for your validity as a citizen of this plutocratic country - for in their eyes, you are less than dirt. Citizen overview and judicial accountability laws should be amended to every state's constitution. The judiciary as it stands is the little noticed avenue for pay-offs for those power-mongers who want to rule the world at your expense.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fucking Newt

Fucking shit, it never ends. I sit in this stinking hovel in this white trash neighborhood in this nasty ass flyover state packed with ignorant human debris until I can't stand the sight of it. And when I can take no more of the total isolation and have to get out, it's bad enough I have to drive 30 miles across town to escape the ignorant inbred worshipers of Newt, but now I can't even do that - they've found out where I go to have a beer in my vain attempts to meet a sane woman. Any stupid fuck that sits down next to me and tells me that Obama is the anti-Christ when compared to Darth Cheney and his merry band of war-mongering, war-profiteering thieves deserves to be knocked off their stool.

Christ almighty, you ignorant fucks, what part of this sentence do you not understand? I do not like Newt, I do not think he is a genius, I do not care how many damned pictures you have of you two shaking hands, and I do not for a minute think he deserves or ever stands a chance of becoming elected President. I hope he dies in a gunfight with a well armed Mexican crack dealer who speaks the language of the ghetto. I think he is a pompous demagogue media whore with an unjustly inflated ego imbued by the equally ignorant legions of crap that worship him. I think he is human garbage that crawled out of the swamps of the inbred 80 IQ state he was educated in, and his Emory University school chums are even bigger piles of steaming crap than he. In all the years of his "public service" he never came up with one original thought in service of the American public. The bulk of the Republican party should be hung along with the few remaining retards that belong to the party. And then hung again, just to make sure.

Leave it these morons to ruin a dozen or more lives over some stupid, inbred illiterate serial arsonist kid and his freakish redneck family. A fucking retard that, no matter how much they catered to his mental illness, ended up doing himself in anyway. There is a trail of broken lives littered after this little SOB and the GOP trash, all friends and fellow Emory University schoolmates of Newt, that attempted to cover for his ass. The state of Georgia retains a minimum of two criminally complicit judges from Newt's launch pad in Marietta that should be in jail, not sitting on a bench having been promoted to the State Supreme Court for their complicity with multiple counts of Arson, Perjury, Insurance Fraud, a bucketful of Canon Ethics violations, witness tampering and quite probably, attempted homicide.

So do us both a favor and keep your damned sycophants the hell away from me, you fat, slimy little whoremonger. You're behaviours will be thoroughly depicted in the book and I'm not interested in a damned thing you have to say or your whining objections.

Go Fuck Yourself.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Space Junk

As if there wasn't enough space junk to keep track of...
Two satellites - a US based Iridium orbiter weighing 1,235 pounds and a decommissioned Soviet Kosmos-2251 military communications satellite weighing nearly a ton - collided 500 miles above the earth's surface, sending thousands of variously sized shards flying in random directions at over 660 feet per second. Portions of the debris are deemed a possible threat to the Hubble Space Telescope and other satellites.


Space collision between Russian, US satellites threatens other satellites

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goobers - And Not the Good Kind

AP photo
Stewart Parnell, owner of Peanut Corp. of America, repeatedly invoked his right not to incriminate himself before the House subcommittee holding a hearing on a national salmonella outbreak blamed on his company. The outbreak has sickened some 600 people, may be linked to nine deaths — the latest reported in Ohio on Wednesday — and has resulted in one of the largest product recalls of more 1,800 items.

Parnell sat stiffly, his hands folded in his lap at the witness table, as Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., held up a clear jar of his company's products wrapped in crime scene tape and asked him if he would be willing to eat the food.

"Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, on advice of my counsel, I respectively decline to answer your questions based on the protections afforded me under the U.S. Constitution," Parnell said.

Peanut Co. owner refuses to testify to Congress.

Refusal to testify, my ass. It's long past time for accountability, civil suits and some good old fashioned jail time for these kinds of goobers - and I'm not just talking peanuts here.

Peanut Corp. officials said they believed the salmonella came from organic Chinese peanuts.

Which is why I stopped buying peanuts from the grocery store a few years ago - not only are they potentially toxic, they taste like crap. My palate could tell the difference, even as COOL (Country Of Origin Labeling) was being removed from products on grocery store shelves en masse. This is not, however, entirely China's fault; though they export poor quality product, it remains the responsibility of the importer/processor to insure adequate cleanliness of the products they distribute. Peanut Corp of America is simply another group of avaricious thugs whose operatives should be tried and jailed, and their company handed off to the victims and plant workers. Just call it setting a precedence; or making it right, if you'd prefer.

You can hardly buy a decent GA/VA peanut anymore unless it's from a small farm roadside stand/tourist stop on the way to Florida. And you have to be watchful there... Cashews are history as well. While US farmers struggle to survive, these vendors are selling their "valued customers" poor quality, imported animal feed, sometimes toxic, for prime US product prices. And watch the apple juice you buy, much of it is Chinese as well.

Yet another endearing legacy of the BushCo crime family and its complicit supporters. The GOP just loves to put the wolves in charge of guarding the henhouse; and true to form, the USDA reports that Parnell was appointed to the USDA’s Peanut Standards Board in July 2005 and was then reappointed in October for a second term lasting until June 2011.

Troubled peanut firm’s chief also an industry quality adviser

All Hail the Free Markets!

Or Else.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Seems there was some confusion regarding yesterday's picture story posting; perhaps this will help throw a bit of light on the agitprop being recycled currently concerning the New Deal projects instituted by FDR.

The top photo is of three dam projects built in the New Deal era, several of which are Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) projects which lifted much of the rural south out of ignorance and poverty into a new era of... lesser ignorance and poverty?

From top, clockwise:
Conchas Dam-NM, Wilson Dam-AL, and Big Ridge Dam-TN.
(Click on images for larger view.)

The bottom photo is of bombed-out towns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps I should have also included graphs of the exponential growth in profits of Halliburton, Carlyle, Bechtel, and Blackwater, et al., since they were the primary recipients of taxpayer moneys during a time of self-serving, ginned up wars with a feigned enemy.

If I were going to throw a trillion dollars of national debt at something, I know which it wouldn't be (obviously, the bottom group). Shouldn't the inheritors (your children and grandchildren, et al.) of this massive debt be allowed to enjoy some lasting fruits of their labor? As it is, the public is paying huge amounts of interest on the current debt. Those individuals who profit most from debt are the bankers who carve a percentage off as commissions and the shills on K-Street whom they pay to expound the virtues of such fiscal irresponsibility. The actual debt holders are the remaining beneficiaries, generally those with large sums of capitol to extend. In the year 2008, the US taxpayer spent $451,154,049,950.63 paying interest alone on a debt of $10,024,724,896,912.49. In 1988 that figure was $214,145,028,847.73 on a debt of $2,602,337,712,041.16. That's a lot of numbers so we'll shorten it to:

2008 - 451 billion on a debt of 10 trillion in 2008
1988 - 214 billion on a debt of 2.6 trillion in 1988.

That's quite a jump during a period of alleged "conservative" ideology.

While many of the GOP's Robber Barons would apparently like to see the bulk of the population imprisoned due to marshall law and working in their privately owned prison sweat shops run on US soil, saner heads see this as a societal problem not going away soon without some government intervention. After all, government deregulation of the more avaricious players in the corporate and financial world are the root cause of much of our current ills.

Below is a timeline representing the US GDP from the years 1929-1941. In stark contrast to the historically challenged media talking heads and right-wing stalwarts of the deep red south, one can clearly see that much of the New Deal projects were a success in saving much of the population from lingering or violent deaths from starvation, suicide, and competition over food, shelter and water.
Contrary to the actual Free Traders (as opposed to the morass of unwitting rubes who are suckered into embracing this callow philosophy) who would sell you grossly overpriced, closed bid, government contracted Soylent Green produced by and comprised of prison laborers if allowed, Government isn't the problem, BAD Government is - a government literally engorged with ineffectual, incompetent partisan hacks and profiteers. As amply demonstrated by the influx into the American marketplace a plethora of toxic goods ranging from vitamins, pet food, toys, mercury laden tuna, and salmonella tainted peanuts - combined with faltering bridges, roadways, sewers, irresponsible banks, corrupt judicial circuits, and distorted, agenda driven media - government is a necessary evil. There is no logical reason that government cannot serve as a beacon of efficiency and effectiveness to private enterprise - except that the Robber Barons don't wish it to, lest their calculating scenarios of higher profits be proven as what they really are - a desire to return to the company towns, sweatshops, slavery, plantations, coal mines, and company stores of yesteryear. These self-aggrandized, self-indulgent, and self-entitled beings cannot even wrap their zealous little minds around the logic of population control as being a positive in reducing the load on the government for social services - something they should, by all reasoning, be quite enthused about. The last 8 years have proven nothing if not the Modern Conservative's revulsion of the poor or disadvantaged.

When critics raised various objections to FDR's social programs, his relief administrator, Harry Hopkins, had a pointed response: "People don’t eat in the long run. They eat every day." And when people are starving and living in the streets, the first thing they are going to think of eating are those wealthy who made their fortunes from the labor of, and by defrauding, the public en masse.

I think I hear the dinner bell...

There is, however, one major factor in this economic "stimulus" plan which has been utterly ignored - the elephant in the room which is the gutting of the manufacturing base within this country. Unlike 1935, when ramped-up consumption resulted in real jobs making durable goods, there will be no recovery unless jobs are restored to these shores. This has been a long time coming and has been obfuscated by speculative bubbles and propaganda. Do you really want to fix this problem? Impose realistic cost-of-living and environmental impact import tariffs on offshore goods, remove all offshore corporate tax shelter loopholes, simplify the tax code, and tax the frack out of the same people who eviscerated the economy - the top 5% of this economic dung heap. But don't count on that happening any time soon; China holds far too much trade debt for this to occur, and the Robber Barons have a strangle hold on realistic solutions - they are quite comfortable with their grossly elevated profit margins gleaned from pandering to the lowest common denominator. Selling boatloads of cheap plastic crap out of innumerable Big Box Stores is their stock in trade. Apparently, the plutocrat's solution is to so severely devaluate US currency that trade debt ends up paid off pennies to the dollar, while the average citizen will be burdened with crippling inflation, escalating job losses, and economic ruin. The frenzied wails will become deafening, voluminous oratories in defense of Free Trade and condemning the nebulous evils of socialism will be bandied about, and the red-state rubes will buy another perverted bill of goods. As the cards continue to fall the Barons will likely promote a new currency, touting the Amero (or an equivalent) as the remedy to all that stands in the way of a new dawn in economic prosperity - meaning theirs, of course. The banksters simply want control, and their cut, of the heretofore impenetrable Canadian, Mexican, Central and South American financial markets. (Some Latin-American countries already use the US dollar as a de facto currency.) It's a lie, just like all the other plotting, calculating lies, and I'll not be among the fools who believe the self-serving spew which emanates from these treasonous bastards - off with their heads.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Wise investments made during a time of economic implosion in this country's infrastructure which have served the citizenry for over 70 years.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Problem with America

Extra points if you know the movie...

(Click on image for larger view...)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Too Big to Fail

Oh, the humanity...
(Click on image for larger view...)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche (Let Them Eat Cake)

Ward Three Morality by David Brooks

Or perhaps this is more to your liking...

(Click on images for larger view...)

Cipher This

To paraphase Digby, WTF? The guy didn't die or anything.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) had tears in his eyes as he tried to speak to reporters on Tuesday afternoon. He said the former majority leader called him to give him a heads-up about the withdrawal [of Tom Daschle], which Harkin did not believe was necessary.

"I’m emotionally distraught," Harkin said. "I’m just too emotionally upset right now to talk about it."
Dude, projecting are we? You are pathetic. No wonder the GOP uses Democrats as chamber pots. This tool is bound at the hip (and wallet) to the drug and HMO corps - Good Riddance. How about Howard Dean, or even the guy working down at the 7/11?

Then witness the boundless turmoil over who gets what money, when, and how much? Every corporation and pink-handed money changer in the country is begging like a strung-out crack-whore for a rock. No plan, no defined goals, no promises.
How about, "No F'in Money!"

Perhaps it comes from years of working by myself, but isn't it generally considered a good business model to actually plan expendatures before throwing money at them willy-nilly? Banks used to require something along those lines before considering any small business loan.

Here's a plan: Examine the various departments in the government that need fixing - the FDA, OSHA, EPA, DOE, Corps of Engineers, SEC investigators, banking regulators, port security. Add to this repairs in civil infrastructure, teachers, firemen, clinics, water, erosion control, energy, etc.

I know it's leap for you guys at this point, but we have these new electronic devices called computers. Believe it or not, they do much more than mail-merge collection letters and calculate 29% interest charges on college student's credit cards; they run spreadsheets and databases and much of this can be charted, graphed, what-if'd, and hammered fairly accurately - barring any cost-plus contracts with Haliburton or Bechtel. Get Jethro Bodine in there to cipher the funds needed and throw exactly that much cash at the problem. Move on to the next issue...

Or is that just too logical?


World Wide ICQ Contacts - 1998-2001

After the hubbub over Blogroll Amnesty Day and blogging in general, I'm going to make a few personal observations concerning the "modern" cell-phone, laptop, Facebook, instant messaging, texting, blogger world we live in.

A technological forever ago - 15 summers or so in human years - there existed a number of networking mechanisms not related to the Internet Tubes. Dedicated geeks around the globe fashioned the software and infrastructure needed for packet mail exchanges, private Bulletin Board Systems, and server dispatched, text based chat programs. For the first time in history, ordinary people from around the globe could exchange viewpoints and ideas as easily as typing a letter. (Yes, Virginia, there was once a mechanical contrivance known as the typewriter.)

And it was good.

Slightly over a decade ago a program called ICQ emerged as a popular Internet based interactive chat program - there was no MS Messenger, Yahoo, or AOL Instant Messenger. No Google, Blogger, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, AskJeeves, or Twitter. Britney Spears was chewing on table legs and George W. Bush was a cretinous post turtle governmenting in Texas. The majority of online communications were about education and personal connections, not profits and flatulent egos.

And this, too, was good.

ICQ possessed a search feature which allowed users to randomly contact others who enabled public visibility of their profiles - Find a New Friend. "Modern" US based messaging services are far behind in this regard; they are clumsy at best and tend to produce only North American contacts - if any. Yet via this "obsolete" mechanism within ICQ I regularly conversed with people from around the world - England, Australia, Russia, Ireland, Moldova, Mexico, Kurdistan, Finland, Israel, Sweden, India, Germany, Ukraine, and to a far lesser degree, the US. CD's full of the pictures and stories of hundreds of lives - audio clips, e-cards, pictures of gardens, houses, barely covered nubile bodies, children and pets. Collected tales of personal strife and joy, bad boyfriends, and governments run amok.

Blogging, however, tends to emphasize notoriety, volume of hits, snark, and even advertising or profit. Overwhelmed by political and religious agendas, sales hype and satirical mocking of those who don't fit the mold of each group's mass-think. The aforementioned average voices have been smothered in the din. There is no interaction, intimacy, conversation, or connection - yet flocks of flying monkeys continue to make the rounds of each watering hole in order to dump a bit of ego onto the pages, never bothering to return and enjoy the fruits of their effort. Seemingly endless streams of 28 character quips and jousts which further isolate and degrade the medium. Just as with cell-phones, the desire for human contact results in more isolation than ever.

What was once good is perhaps less so today.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I have no way to judge traffic at blogs other than by the number of comments, but in the spirit of the theme I'll throw a few links out there for Blogroll Amnesty Day. Contained hereinafter is a tasty smorgasbord of progressive mental treats.
H/T to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Blue Gal.

Captain Plaid -Progressivism meets an ornery Scot
A plethora of well done, factual writing and materials in the archives, although no updates since December. A lawyer, teacher, political activist, and now enlisted in the Army at 42 - a reasonable, snarky, progressive voice from Alabama. I would recommend perusing some of the past articles related to education.

Only in New Mexico
Jim Baca served as the Director of the National Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior in the first Clinton Administration and presents his insight into various local and national issues. Conservation and environment oriented.

The Field Negro
A Killadelphia, PA lawyer who doesn't need my link, but an interesting read for those interested in the various plights of northern cities.

Watergate Summer
An old friend from the early C&L days, the hardest working nurse in blogging and a girl next door sweetheart to boot.

The Belgravia Dispatch
A NYC blogger working in the financial services biz offers well written, astute opinions on US Foreign Relations.

Welcome Back to Pottersville
Long time MA blogger who flogs the mainstream with satirical whips of words.

Welcome to Pottersville 2
A genuinely charming Southern blogger once a part of Welcome To Pottersville, now primarily dedicated to financial commentary.

BlueHerald - News You Can Abuse
A small but active South Florida Blog representing a variety of voices.

Dirty Hippy Lawyer
Just like the name says...

Eye On Miami
A team of Miami area bloggers who take time out from paradise to lambast South Florida's Banana Republic.

One of only two bloggers I know from North Atlanta, Georgia who isn't a frothing, right-wing cretin. Food safety, gardening, and general political anxiety.

Somewhere in NJ
Primarily a non-political NJ blogger, social worker, bird watcher, and animal lover.

Pure Florida
Primarily a non-political FL blogger, teacher, nature freak, and all around Florida Cracker.

Come get me mothership, I'm through.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Perdue the Joker

(Broken links fixed...)

Since everyone in Illinois is enjoying the BlagoJoker image by driftglass, I decided to waste 10 minutes of time scratching out my own Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue Joker. (Good thing I don't do this for a living, eh?) Worse yet, This Joker believes he is Vice Presidential material.

While Blogo may have been ousted, Perdue continues to flagrantly violate the public trust by selling public use lands to private developers. His latest land grab for corporate interests involves Jekyll Island, a barrier island off the coast of GA. Under the guise of "revitalization", miles of prime, public oceanfront property are being turned over for the next 50 years to Linger Longer, a company owned by Mercer Reynolds. Reynolds is a well known Republican fundraiser who contributed several hundred million dollars to the Bush 2004 reelection campaign, and of course, lesser amounts to Perdue himself. What does the public get, you ask? 1% of net condo sales, 3.5% of motel/hotel rental receipts - but only after 4 years of profits; 10 years on food and beverage. This is NOT a good deal for the citizens of GA who will lose all free access to these public park lands. Add this to the Oaky Woods debacle and several crony land deals involving Florida developers, and you can plainly see who is zoomin' who. But easily distracted Georgians would rather argue about Rebel Flags and Them Uppity Negros than their own well being; and the press presents a virtual blackout - Big Surprise.

A Joker by any other name...

Blue Birds in Iraq

Perhaps we should have sent Blue Bird Buses to Iraq and Afghanistan instead of Hummers. What a pile. What a moron.

One person was injured when a sport utility vehicle crashed into a school bus on the Near Southside. No children were on the Indianapolis Public Schools bus when it collided with the SUV at Terrace Avenue and Madison Avenue, north of Manual High School, at 10:19 a.m., according to Marion County police dispatch. Police closed Madison Avenue near Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive while firefighters worked to extricate the driver of the SUV out of the vehicle, dispatch said. The victim was awake and transported to an area hospital, dispatch said. The victim’s name and condition were not immediately available.Mary Louise Bewley, spokeswoman for IPS, said the bus had dropped off students at Manual shortly before the accident. The driver did not have any serious injuries, Bewley said.

Hummer Vs School Bus